An Alternative List of 10: Places I Want to Go Back To

So ages ago, before I understood that the Ten on Tuesday thing was generated by someone else, I started this list of “10 Places I Want to Go Back To. ” But I’d already started it, so I decided to finish it today…and share it with you, even though we’ve already had an awesome Ten on Tuesday post today.

Me on a gorilla trek in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda in 2005. This is one of the most athletic looking pictures that exists of me!

We been fortunate to explore many places, and there are many new places I’m eager to try, but there are several places I hope to go back to some day. And since my passport has been gathering dust since 2006 (yikes!) here is my reprise wish list:

1. Cape Town, South Africa – well all of South Africa really, including some game reserve time (I still haven’t seen a rhino in the wild, and I have a much better camera this time) and more time at the wineries (I have a much more discriminating palate at 30 something than 21)

2. Rwanda – all of it, but especially the kids at the Sonrise School who stole my heart in 2005 (and my “once in a lifetime” gorilla trek needs to be repeated!)

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia – and I’d like to try Phnom Penh which I didn’t see the first time

4. Santorini, Greece – such a beautiful and relaxing place (would love to stay at The Chelidonia again); would also like to explore other islands too

5. Rome – so much to do, so little time; and while I’m there I’d love to check out more of the boot too

6. Paris – one day was not enough

7. VietNam – I’ve only been to Saigon but would love to return and explore the beaches and some more of the countryside

8. St. Petersburg, Russia – there are enough beautiful things there to last a life time, not the least of which are the ballets

9. Austria – loved Salzburg, would like to try Vienna as well

10. Germany – I really enjoyed Heidelburg and would love to see more of Bavaria, and drive the Romantic Road

And I have to say, watching all the Olympic coverage has made me want to hop across the pond, hang out in the parks and explore the free museums of London filled with the worlds treasures (that is after all one of my favorite things about DC – free museums!)

One thought on “An Alternative List of 10: Places I Want to Go Back To

  1. Mom August 15, 2012 / 6:43 pm

    Clearly, I’ve not traveled outside the USA as much as you have, but there are several places that I would go back to, but only AFTER I’ve been a lot of other places first. Of course, at the head of my re-run list is now Alaska (I know that’s USA, but), it was truly my trip of a lifetime! I, too, loved Germany and Austria and would go there again as well. And, both Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. (the “drive-through” on the Alaskan tour bus was just not enough). Also, cruising the Caribbean is gorgeous and restful.

    My favorite domestic destinations over the years have been (1) the Oregon coast, (2) SanFrancisco, New York City, Chicago — never tire of those; (3) Monterey, CA.; (4) several scenic areas in Arizona as the desert has a unique beauty, which, as an upstate New Yorker, I really enjoy; (5) the Cape Cod area, (6) Cape May, NJ; (7) Pensacola, FL.; (8) beaches in general 😊. Etc etc.

    Really, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place I didn’t like because I’ve been blessed with hosts/hostesses who have always showcased the very best parts of their areas.

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