Sweet Baby Words

So James has largely refused to speak (in English) for a longtime though he has been babbling for ages. He is fluent in James-ese, and has a lot to say, but alas we don’t speak that. However, in the last 48 hours I think we may have finally reached that tipping point as he has added six words to his vocabulary: car, home, yogurt, toy, knee, and toes. Interestingly, he says car as if he were from Boston.  Its ca-ah. Which makes me giggle.

Anyway, they join hello, bye bye, ma ma, da da, na na (for banana), okay, no!, dog, giggle, up, down, night night, and amen.  He has also had several two word phrases almost since he started with discernible words:  “got it,” “oh no,” “oh yeah,” “all done,” and “all gone.” And he said “thank you” one time (but I had witnesses).

If we counted animal noises as words, cause why would we call a cat a cat instead of just meowing, we have a whole lot more. We make adorable noises for elephants, cats, dogs, ducks, pigs, lions, sheep, snakes, owls, birds, bears, and cows. (We are still working on horses, frogs, donkeys, fish, monkeys, roosters, and dolphins.)

We have been told over and over not to obsess about how much or how little he is talking, as he is still well within the appropriate range for development at his age, but you know, we’re type A overachievers so we’ve been waiting and wondering. I think our days of peace and relative quiet may be numbered. Let the games begin!

In other news, James is incredibly adept at operating the iPhone (perhaps too good?). Here is a series of self-portraits from yesterday morning. I’m sorry the quality isn’t better but he was using the reverse camera angle in low light. In any case, he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Words

  1. Mom August 11, 2012 / 1:47 pm

    You may regret the day you coached him to talk — as in, non- stop jabbering is coming soon to a venue near YOU!! 😏

  2. Mom August 11, 2012 / 8:07 pm

    Earlier this evening, I got a “Hi Gamma” and a “love you” (and a T.O.N. of other gibberish too, but) — HAPPINESS IS FOR GRANNY 😊

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