Not Surprised, Still Disturbed

I realize I am about to dive into the deep end of the pool, perhaps be controversial, and maybe get my blogging privileges suspended but I am just disgusted.

I am an Olympic lover and I get that the games are about more than sport (as they have been for a long time) but I still can’t help but hope that we had progressed beyond…the Russian Prime Minister forbidding his athletes to shop, watch tv, etc. while in London or the Chinese withholding family death and illness from an athlete until after their competition. Surely this is not what the Olympics are all about?

Like I said, I get that there is national pride, and prestige, and lots and lots of money in the games, but it really infuriates me that in these days of progress and focus on basic human rights, and celebrating that every participating state has sent a woman this year (no matter how ill-prepared or token she may be) that the governing bodies of international sport and the IOC have nothing to say to the regimes, I mean governments, that engage in these types of practices.

It also makes me wonder what fate awaits the athletes from these countries that under-perform or do not medal when they get home? Once the bright shining lights get turned off, and NBC packs up their trucks, does anyone know or care?

I love the Olympics but I hate the reminder that really, in the 21st century we haven’t come nearly as far as we think we have, or hope to.

One thought on “Not Surprised, Still Disturbed

  1. Mom August 9, 2012 / 10:28 pm

    You are right on a lot of “scores”. So much has changed (particularly all the women’s participation) but, then again, not so much. I really hope the athletes are safe when they go home, if not revered.

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