Red October

I told Sarah I wanted to try to blog every day in August. And though I have several posts partially drafted none seem to fit my mood today.

As it has been ages since I posted about (no longer baby) James, I thought I’d share a few fun James anecdotes to catch you up on “a day in the life” as we’re living it these days.

A recent favorite picture, from our trip to Kiawah, SC end of June.
Someday I’ll do a post of just Kiawah pictures, as we had such a great time.

James has gotten so big so quickly. He is all boy and all toddler now, though he still weighs like a baby. (James is almost 36 inches tall, but only 23-24 pounds!)

We are so fortunate that James wakes up cheerful in the morning. His new thing when I show up in the morning is to hug is Cabbage Patch baby Max with his signature “oooooohhh” and a pat-pat on Max’s back. Then he gives Max nose kisses. It’s so fun to see him greeting Max the way I used to greet him (he is no longer interested in such affection from his Mama to get his day started).

James is super fast these days and all about buttons, things with wheels, and things that open and close. He loves to dance and fly through the air. And he takes great pleasure in body tackling me whenever the opportunity presents itself.

He is also a fantastic mimic. He likes to blow his nose after I do, and then he stuffs the tissue back in the box (I do not do this!). He also walks around pinching himself and bellowing “ooooooowwwww!” after, which is what I did recently when I was the recipient of one of his pinches.

James is thankfully a great napper, and since he is in the middle of a growth spurt right now naps are averaging 3-4 hours, I think. I’m not really sure though because when he wakes up, he makes noise for about 5 seconds. If you miss it, oh well, as he will quietly and contentedly play in his crib for … I don’t know how long. Hence his new nickname – Red October – which is what I call his tendency to “go quiet” on us.

He is very good with a fork and a spoon and prefers, of course, to feed himself. He is less a fan of the napkin, preferring to wipe his hands in hair. We’re still trying to get him to eat more than cereal, fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks, and baby food packets of veggies, but…

We’re lucky to have many friends with boys close to our age, though James tends to be on the older end of our current playmates. But its fun to watch how sweet he is with the littles, trying to give them their pacis and invading their personal space to get an up close and personal view of their eyeballs, noses, and ears.

I think my favorite thing that he has done recently happened after church a couple of weeks ago. As people mill about after the service, James grabbed his trucks book, weaved his ways through the adults from the side aisle to the main aisle where a group of five women and girls had gathered. He elbowed his way into the middle, spun around, picked the cutest blond (about 15 years old) and handed her his book with a big smile. Thankfully one of the women in the group knows James and made the appropriate “introductions.” And I quickly extricated myself from conversation and went to rescue the poor unsuspecting teen. Yikes, they start early!!

So there is your Tuesday fluff from Houston. I love being James’s Mama. We have a lot of fun and I wouldn’t trade these days, exhausting though they are, for anything!!

2 thoughts on “Red October

  1. Common Loon August 7, 2012 / 11:09 pm

    Been too long since I’ve seen a photo of this guy…he’s much longer and runner. You’re so right,he’s no longer “baby” James!

  2. Mom August 8, 2012 / 7:27 am

    But, I’m so glad you ad the “sweet baby” part — it will help you get through the toddler part 😉

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