10 on Tuesday: Things About Today

I couldn’t manage today’s 10 on Tuesday prompt from Carole Knits – Good Deeds You Did This Week – because I am not sure I’ve done one, never mind 10. So, instead, here are 10 random tidbits from my day:

1. I almost made myself late for work by hunting high and low for my earphones, which I could not find. I knew I did not a) leave them at the office or b) drop them outside because I could remember taking them off last night when I got out of my work clothes, but they have vanished.

2. When I walked out of my apartment building, it smelled like garlic butter – and a lot of it. (I could smell it for half a block.) I have no idea why this was the case.

3. I had no meetings on my calendar. Not a one. In related news, I crossed several nagging tasks off my to-do list.

4. My dual-monitor setup allowed me to keep up with the Olympics a little bit during the day – though mostly the results. The look of happiness and amazement on Michael Phelps’ face when he realized he won the relay and broken the medal record were priceless.

5. Walking home from the train after work, I suddenly had a massive, excruciating pain in my left foot – so bad it gave me goosebumps and made me sweat. And then it was gone and I was fine. Totally, 100% weird.

6. I searched for my headphones again when I got home. Still missing.

7. The remote control got quite a workout flipping between the Olympics, the Nationals game and “White Collar.” Well, until the Nats game got to the point where it was clear it no longer needed to be in the rotation.

8. I decided that Gabby Douglas is my favorite of the little Team USA gymnastics girls. She’s the only one of them who pretty consistently looks like she’s actually having fun. And oh, my goodness, does she ever fly through the air on the bars and tumbling.

9. I am practically counting the minutes until my endocrinologist appointment tomorrow. I’m not thrilled to be breaking in a new doctor, but I need an adjustment to my meds in the worst way.

10. At 10:50 tonight, I found my earphones, on top of my knitting, which I never picked up while doing all of that Olympics watching. Oddly enough, though, I dropped my backup earphones on top of the other ones when I came home from work tonight and never saw the other pair. Oof.

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