10 on Tuesday: Great Things About the Farmer’s Market

The first thing I thought of when I saw today’s 10 on Tuesday prompt from Carole Knits was, “Huh? Are there things that aren’t great about the farmer’s market?” Of course, I am totally spoiled in having Eastern Market – with its pretty much year-round farm line – within walking distance, so I have regular access to what is, essentially, a farmer’s market on steroids. I do occasionally hit the Freshfarm Market on H Street, NE, too.

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Right now, we’re getting lots of corn, tomatoes, squash, watermelons – or at least, that’s what seemed like was most prevalent when I stopped by after work this evening.

2. Amish yogurt. Greek-style yogurt may be all the rage right now, but this so, so much better!

3. Homemade fancy hummus. BFF Wendy swears that no one should ever buy hummus because it’s so easy to make, and while I’ll concede she’s probably right under normal circumstances, the hummus I can get on the farm line is ah-mazing. It also comes in fancy flavors, like Indian spice and cilantro lime.

4. Ready-to-eat yumminess. In addition to the farmers, we’ve got folks who sell crepes made while you wait; hot, fresh donuts; and all kinds of other delicious things. (And that’s not even counting the food trucks that generally loiter on the perimeter of the market!)

5. Fresh-cut flowers. I don’t splurge on flowers often, but every now and again I’ll pick up lilacs or tulips or sunflowers in season.

6. Getting help from experts. I like having a farmer tell me which is the melon I should get or which of the peaches are going to ripen up first.

7. Homemade soap. It might sound silly, but I am totally hooked on the lemongrass-ginger soap I get at the market.

8. Craft vendors. A ton of really talented folks come to the market on the weekend, selling jewelry, handmade clothes and handbags, paintings and photographs, and all manner of decorative stuff. It’s perfect for gifts – or a personal splurge!

9. Neighborliness. I run into friends all the time at the market – it’s a great place to connect.

10. Free watermelon slices. OK, this doesn’t always happen, but it did tonight, and it was delightful.

What is great about your farmer’s market? My mom’s has a killer raspberry pie and amazing cider donuts – I know that for sure!

One thought on “10 on Tuesday: Great Things About the Farmer’s Market

  1. Mom July 25, 2012 / 6:25 pm

    And, of course, the fresh-pressed cider to accompany the donuts. And, in the fall there is a tractor-pulled hay wagon ride to the apple orchard for a picking excursion. The little kiddies sure seem to love that! Homemade breads, ice cream, salads, and now organic beef, chicken & pork, as well as the pies as aforesaid. My FAV is now the “summer berry”. It is a combo of fresh fruits including raspberries and blackberries and whatever is being picked. All this deliciousness makes it sooooo hard to turn on the oven at home. 😊

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