No Rest for the Weary

Despite having spent a great deal of this week in a jet laggy haze, I somehow scheduled a fairly busy weekend, when realistically I probably should have left myself a bit more room for sleeping in and/or napping. But when there’s fun stuff going on, it’s hard to dedicate time to being lazy – even when it feels kinda necessary – so I’ve decided not to. Here’s a snapshot of what I’ll be up to:

Tonight: A friend-of-a-friend has a play – R.U.X. (Rockwell’s Universal seXbots) – opening in DC’s Fringe Festival, and our mutual friend has asked a bunch of folks to come see the show to help insure a full house. Maurice, the playwright, is a pretty funny dude, and I’ve been told the show is hilarious, so I am looking forward to seeing it.

Tomorrow: I’m meeting my brother and at least one (possibly both) of my nephews for the Caps Fan Fest/prospect scrimmage out at Kettler tomorrow morning. We’re planning to meet around 9:30, which means hitting the Metro around 8:45. In the morning. On a Saturday.


Clearly, I love my nephews and the Caps, otherwise, this would never, ever happen.

Sunday: I am meeting my friends Alison and Jenna for brunch and miniature golf… at the National Building Museum! (Well, that’s where the putt-putt is; we’re having brunch at Cedar.) I have never mini-golfed indoors, never mind in a museum, so I am excited to give it a try. I hope I don’t break a window!

Other things I’d like to accomplish this weekend:

  • See “Magic Mike.” (Don’t judge.)
  • Touch base with sprite and Rudi about their desire for us to conduct a DC macaron tasting as part of this July in Paris blog theme.
  • Pick up my plants from my friend Lori, who watched – and more importantly, watered – them while I was away.
  • Get my vacation photos organized and posted.

So yeah, there’s a lot going on… But maybe I can still sneak in a nap at some point, right?

One thought on “No Rest for the Weary

  1. Mom July 13, 2012 / 8:21 pm

    Ohh, my Goodness! Sooo ambitious & so much fun. I am still trying to catch up with (1) sleep, (2), mail/bills, (3) outside chores — EVERYTHING went bone-dry in 3 weeks & dusty/dirty due to lots of road reconstruction in the area (not our street, however!) Carpenter coming next Wed. to re-do my kitchen cabinet drawers, so lots of howing out planned for the weekend. Very exciting!! Miss you. Looking forward to your pictures. I am trying to cull out 300 — can’t imagine 1000++. (P.S. Didn’t gain a pound! Must be all those excursions walked off all that great food!)

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