Homeward Bound

This post comes to you from gate C21 at Dallas-Fort Worth airport, where Mom’s and my flight (scheduled to depart right about now) is delayed. Sadly, this is not our first delay, or even our second – it is our third.

The first delay was in Vancouver, where someone noticed, right around the time we were supposed to board, that there was no first officer for the flight. It took a half hour to figure out where s/he was, and another 45 minutes to find a replacement. Then, we were on an air hold in Dallas for about a half-hour before we could land. Weather, this time – the same thing that has held up our departure. (The plane we’re getting into was on the same hold as ours was.)

It’s looking like we’ll be boarding in about 10 minutes, so that’s all for today. I can hardly wait to be home.