Alaskan Adventure, Day Six: Chillin’ on the High Seas

And when I say chillin’, I mean it both literally and metaphorically: With the Hubbard Glacier/Russell Fjord as our main attraction, it was a cold, cold day – and a relaxing one, since there were no tours or other activities going on today.

(Well, that’s not entirely true. There were plenty of things on the cruise ship’s schedule – we just didn’t do any of them, opting instead to hang out and read while waiting to see the glacier.)

We sailed into Disenchantment Bay (great name, eh?) around 2:00, accompanied by a steady drizzle and stiff wind, which meant it was freeeezing on the deck while we looked at the glacier. It was absolutely worth it, though – the glacier is a seriously impressive thing. I was surprised to find that so much of it was bright blue. I checked Wikipedia for an explanation of why that is, but frankly didn’t understand it, so I can’t pass it along here.



Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Weather aside, the rest of the cruise has been fine so far. Mom and I explored the ship this morning, or some of it, anyway. It’s 13 stories, and it’s hard to figure out how it’s all connected. The elevators do, however, tell you what day it is, so you can at least keep track of when you are, if not where.


And I was amused to discover tonight that the towel art I was so amused by on my Nile cruise a couple of years ago is apparently a universal cruise staff activity.