Sunday Snapshot: We Are Family

There were so many folks running around taking pictures at yesterday’s family reunion that I pretty much stayed out of it and just focused on chatting and catching up. I was, however, tapped by my cousin JoAnn to take a picture of the “first generation” cousins with the one Demer family matriarch who was able to attend: Great Aunt Sara. I snapped a couple on my phone in addition to the ones I took on JoAnn’s camera.


I’m not sure what was said right before this was taken, but I love the way almost everyone is laughing, because that kinda sums up the reunion nicely. We are a family that genuinely enjoys each other – and a party.

One thought on “Sunday Snapshot: We Are Family

  1. richman22 June 24, 2012 / 11:19 pm

    Great picture. The happiness really shows in your shot.

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