Making a List…

The weekend is here (at last) and while I don’t have a lot on my schedule – other than a day at the ballpark tomorrow with my brother and nephew – I do have a lot to get done before my trip, including:

  • Go to Target to pick up socks, travel-size toiletries, and possibly a new pair of sunglasses.
  • Clean out my fridge/figure out if I have enough food to get through until I leave (and pick up anything I’ll need to get through).
  • Find a time to bring my outdoor plants over to my friend Lori’s so they won’t die while I am away.
  • Email my former roommate Heidi – who now lives in the Bay Area – to finalize plans to see her while I’m there for my family reunion.
  • Activate my new library card and see if I can find some ebooks to download with it… and if not, hit to pick up some reading material for the trip.
  • Figure out what knitting project to bring with me.
  • Pick up my dry cleaning, so they don’t throw it away while I’m gone. (I think I am already more than a week late.)
  • Put all the trip details into my TripIt account so it’ll update my calendar and I’ll have all the details easily accessible.
  • Add the main destinations to my app, so I can get a little more detail on the current weather.

I’m sure there are other things, but that seems like enough to keep me busy for a couple of days, right?