Sunday Not-Snapshot: Chasing Rainbows

I am no sort of an artist when it comes to drawing – I never really progressed past a grade-school skill level – but after a couple of weeks of trying to explain what my post-LASIK rainbow vision looks like, I thought I’d try to sketch it out. Here’s my attempt:

A streetlamp through my Lasik-eyes.
A streetlamp through my Lasik-eyes.

Not much of a picture, but I hope it gets the point across. (The blue squiggles denote darkness, by the way. This is a phenomenon that happens mostly at night.)

The best part of deciding to do this is that I now own a brand-new box of Crayolas. It’s entirely possible I spent a goodly part of my Sunday evening huffing that crayon smell. Childhood in a box, I tell you.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Not-Snapshot: Chasing Rainbows

  1. Mom June 11, 2012 / 6:27 am

    Good sketch, really!!! Is that phenom temporary?

    Crayola should adopt your last sentence for a slogan. 😊

  2. Joanne June 11, 2012 / 9:10 pm

    Yup, nothing better than the smell of fresh crayons…

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