Constant Companions

I am now a week past my LASIK surgery, and overall, things seem to be going pretty well. My vision is significantly improved – I find myself marveling on a daily basis at just how clear everything is. The only problem I seem to be having is serious sensitivity to bright light, which wouldn’t be too big a deal, except that computer screens are very bright, and it’s very hard to be useful in a digital & new media department without using the computer. (Translation: work has been a bit rough at times, especially in the late afternoon when the sun comes around the corner and into our windows.) I hope it sorts itself soon – like maybe after a mostly-offline weekend – or I’ll be running the first paper-based social media program ever.

My eyes are feeling particularly icky tonight, so I am going to keep this short and just share a photo of what have, in the past week, become my constant companions: tiny vials of preservative-free eye drops. I feel like I’ve used about a billion of them in the past seven days, though I know it’s not actually that many.