Tuesday, Like Monday

It’s funny how after a three-day weekend, Tuesday has a way of behaving just like Monday. For example:

  • I bought a new box of the fancy preservative-free eye drops I need after my surgery on Sunday so I’d be all set for the week, but forgot to put them in my purse before work, so I had to buy another box at lunch. I found the first box on top of the refrigerator (huh?) when I got home from work tonight.
  • After I finally broke down and bought a pair of reading glasses yesterday so I could see my phone, I woke up this morning totally able to read it without them. (This is, overall, good news, but packaged in a $28 reminder about patience.)
  • My day at the office involved more meetings than productivity.
  • Somebody dropped a pen on the stupid, slippery tiles in the Metro station and I somehow stepped on it just so, and wiped out completely. I don’t think there will be any lasting damage, though I think my knee will have a super-cute bruise in the morning.
  • My friends and I got completely drenched by the thunderstorm that ever-so-kindly timed itself to arrive just minutes before we left the movie theater.

None of this is actually terrible, of course, but was just enough to make me check the calendar to see what day it was.

On the upside, I did get to (finally) see “The Avengers,” which was a ton of fun – a perfect summer action movie.

One down, three to go, before the weekend is here again.

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