What It’s Meant to Be

About five years ago, I bought a skein of yarn that I really liked. It was from Neighborhood Fiber Co., a then DC-based outfit (now up in Baltimore), where all the yarn colorways were named after different neighborhoods in DC. My skein was called Brightwood, and looked like this:

What It's Meant to Be

Well, not quite like that – the flash on my old camera was a little much; the blue is not quite that electric.

Anyway… I bought the yarn thinking it would make a nice pair of plain socks. I was wrong.

What It's Meant to Be

The colors pooled horribly and it looked so bad that I never knit the second sock.

Some time passed, and after a quickly abandoned (and unphotographed) attempt at using the yard for a scarf, I decided a lacier pattern would help the colors blend a little better. I picked a pattern I’d knit before, Monkey, but made the cuffs several inches shorter than called for, knowing I didn’t have enough yarn for two at the correct length.

My mini-Monkey certainly looked better than my plain sock:

What It's Meant to Be

But alas, even making it shorter had not left enough yarn for a second sock. At this point, I threw in the towel. Clearly, I couldn’t find a pattern that this yarn liked.

Fast forward… oh, maybe three years, and I stumbled upon the remnant of the yarn and single sock, and was reminded how much I liked the colors. I decided to try fingerless gloves, under the rationale that since wrists are smaller than ankles, the reduced stitch count might actually result in the stripes I wanted this yarn to make. Because I am not the world’s most creative knitter, I used the same pattern as the fingerless gloves I made for my friend Alison, which is, in turn, based on the pattern from the socks I made for Michael. (See? Not creative.)


What It’s Meant to Be

It actually worked! My Brightwood yarn actually made a pretty, stripey fingerless glove!

That left only once thing to do… Rip out the Monkey sock, so I’d have enough yarn to make the second glove. I did this at Stitch n Pitch on Friday, figuring that baseball and beer would lessen the sting of ripping out all that work. I was right… and now have a second glove on the needles. Just in time for the air conditioning to kick in in the office, which makes fingerless gloves welcome, indeed.

So, it only took five years for this yarn to figure out what it was meant to be. Not too bad, right?

2 thoughts on “What It’s Meant to Be

  1. Mom May 22, 2012 / 8:38 am

    I admire your perseverance!!! The glove is beautiful and the colors surely did come together in a lovely pattern!

  2. Common loon May 22, 2012 / 2:57 pm

    I didn’t understand what was wrong with the first picture until I saw the last. Looks great! And I admire being able to rip with a beer…beer doesn’t work so well for ripping my sewing stitches.

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