If this weekend had a theme, it was sloth. I needed to accomplish exactly one thing: get my apartment straightened up enough for the cleaners to work tomorrow – and I totally failed. As a result, I’ll be getting up extra-early tomorrow to get the laundry folded and dishes stowed in the dishwasher before I head to work in the morning. Rather than doing anything productive, I spent most of my weekend on the couch watching a combination of Law & Order reruns, hockey games, and history shows about Egypt. (The last of which I watched with a certain amazement that I have been to almost all the places they talk about.) And lest anyone worry that I was a complete hermit, I did, in fact, also spend some time hanging out with friends both yesterday and today. It was really only my housekeeping that fell victim to my laziness.

But anyway… The weekend is nearly done, so it’s time to look forward to what’s coming up this week. In addition to work, I do have a few things going on:

  • On Monday and Wednesday, the Caps playoff endeavors continue. Monday’s game two will be in New York, so I’ll be glued to my couch, but on Wednesday I’ll be at the game here in DC – with, for the first time in ages, both of my siblings. Eileen actually changed her flight so she could make it to her first-ever Caps playoff game.
  • I’m thinking about taking advantage of the Nationals $2 Tuesdays to go see Bryce Harper’s home debut if the weather is decent. Anyone wanna catch a game with me?
  • On Friday, my friend Joanne and I are heading off to NYC for the weekend – we have tickets to see Evita on Broadway on Saturday night. I’m not sure yet how we’ll be spending the rest of our day in New York – there will be a Caps game on tv (yes, I’ve got it totally backwards, being in New York when the Caps are playing the Rangers in DC, but we’ve had these theater tickets since January), but I expect we’ll hit the TKTS booth in Times Square and see another show in the afternoon.
  • Sunday, we’ll be heading back down to DC at the crack of dawn, so Joanne can head to a conference and I can head to my brother’s for a big family party in celebration of my nephew D’s first communion.

Whew. Tired just thinking about it.

One thought on “Upcoming

  1. Eileen April 30, 2012 / 12:37 am

    That’s funny, cause my weekend wasn’t nearly as filled with sloth and yet I managed to get nothing done to prepare for being out of town for 8 days. And you’d think moving that ticket from Wednesday to Tuesday would be no big deal in the preparation world, but OMG I feel like I have no time to get myself together.

    Worse, I have actually managed to add to the long list of pre-trip to dos (6 loads of laundry, packing, visiting James great grandma, and preparing for and running a meeting Monday evening) with preparing a meal for a new mommy friend, making dessert for the meeting Monday night, and making a brunch item for a meeting Tuesday before we head to the airport…Not smart.

    Then DC is going to be great, as always, if not exhausting. In addition to the bucket list hockey game, first communion and family party, there will be visits with friends, shopping (including a special trip to Eastern Market), hanging out at Auntie Sarah’s, and a last trip to The Falls Church before they move. Gosh I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But excited. I always love my time in DC.

    As for tonight, I better get to bed!

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