Kindness, Surprise, and Organized

Whoa; near miss here… I was just about to take my Benadryl and head to bed when I realized I hadn’t written my blog post for today, and really, if I’m gonna mess up this post-a-day thing, I want it to be for something interesting – when I am on a glacier this summer, for example – not when I’m in an allergy-and-hockey-watching coma. Fortunately it’s Saturday, which comes with a built-in theme: three beautiful things from the past week. Happy to report it is one of those weeks where the challenge is narrowing it down to only three. (But of course, how can a week that starts with a Springsteen show be anything other than full of beauty?)

1. I arrived at Union Station with minutes to spare to make my train to Baltimore for my presentation at the National Main Streets Conference. I was stymied by the ticket machine, and so just ran out to the platform, hoping I could buy a MARC ticket onboard. Indeed I could, the conductor told me, for an extra fee – and cash only. Having just (literally) tipped the cabbie with a handful of quarters, I thanked the train guy, told him I’d need to hit the ATM, and that I’d catch the next one. I must have looked extraordinarily flustered, because he let me on with a promise that when I got to Penn Station, I’d pay for a ticket there. Which I did, because you can’t repay a kindness (and the honor system) by not paying. Bad juju, that.

My giant Samoa cake, from Jen and G.
My giant Samoa cake, from Jen and G.

2. My sister-in-law and younger nephew spent Thursday night – when I was at the Caps playoff clincher (also a beautiful thing) with my brother and older nephew – baking me a birthday cake. This cake, to be specific, which is essentially a giant Samoa Girl Scout cookie (my favorite kind). My birthday kind of snuck up on me this year, so it was such a great surprise when they showed up with it before our trip to the arboretum yesterday.

3. I took advantage of my allergy-coma today to handle a project: transferring my recipe files, which did not happily survive the PC-to-Mac transition – something I’ve been meaning to do for as long as I’ve had the Mac. (Two years? Maybe three?) All my recipes are now happily ensconced in Paprika, which syncs to my phone and makes grocery lists. Awesome! I also organized about six months of photos in Picasa, so my digital life is feeling much more organized, which is very pleasing indeed.

What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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  1. Mom April 8, 2012 / 1:43 pm

    FAB looking cake!! Too bad we can’t all be there to help U eat it !!!

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