Wayback Wednesday: Happy Bunny

Me and Dana with the Easter Bunny, 1989.
Me and Dana with the Easter Bunny, 1989.

I went looking for a particular family photo* from Easter to share for this week’s Wayback Wednesday post, but before I could find it, I stumbled across this one, and knew I had to use it instead. This is my high school BFF Dana and I paying a visit to the Easter Bunny – presumably at the mall. I have no idea now what would have inspired us (as teenagers!) to want to get our picture taken with him, but I’m sure we thought it was hilarious. And I’m sure the dude in the bunny suit had a great time, too.

(Dang all, look at my face. So thin! Yet… I am wearing an XL sweatshirt. And I had bangs. Bangs! Oh, the 80s.)

Happy Easter, if you’re celebrating this weekend!


* The picture I was after was the one where we were playing poker using our leftover Easter candy for chips. I know I have it somewhere…

One thought on “Wayback Wednesday: Happy Bunny

  1. Mom April 4, 2012 / 9:33 pm

    OMG — That is just so cool!!! What a Happy Easter Wayback photo!!!

    Do post the one of the poker game too. HUGS!

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