So, I know this is not the first time I’ve written – and posted – something for this blog from an airplane, but you know what? I don’t care – the novelty has not worn off for me at all. It still seems totally cool and from-the-future to have wifi at 39,000 feet.

(It is kinda slow, though, to be honest. Cool, with a side of irritating, then.)

I’m feeling a little bit lucky to have made the flight today, given that I hit a couple of snags along the way. Eileen and I left her house only a few minutes later than planned and took a quick (though unsuccessful) pit stop to get a shamrock shake at McDonalds, but then hit an unexpected snag – there was a car-b-que just off the exit to the airport. Rather than get stuck in traffic, Eileen found a detour around it and got me to the airport nearly on time. Unfortunately, the lines were super-long, both to check bags and for security. (The bag check line was especially frustrating, as it was mostly due to people being entirely incompetent about using Southwest’s absurdly easy kiosks without assistance.)

I made it to the gate something like 8 minutes before the scheduled departure time, but (unsurprisingly) Southwest was running late and I had time to go buy a snack and a bottle of water before boarding.

And now, I’m hanging in 12C, blogging just because I can.


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