Understanding Why the USPS is Going Broke

First I’d like to say that I didn’t have to duct tape our mail slot shut the week after the fire to prevent mail from being delivered, but that would be a lie, ’cause I did. Even though I went to the local post office the next day and completed a hold order so that I could stop by while we sorted out our living situation and just pick up the mail.

Mail slot, duct taped shut, in all its glory.

Once we were in the rent house, we decided to use the US Postal Service’s temporary forwarding service. This is an especially good choice now that we’ve decided to rebuild on our existing lot. This way, we won’t have to change our address on everything and then change it back a few months later. You’d think that would be a simple enough enterprise, but that hasn’t been our experience.

First, we suffered a LOT of confusion because we moved exactly four blocks from our old house, so two of the digits are identical. The few people that we have actually given the new address to have had to confirm and reconfirm that they’ve heard us correctly no less than three times.

But I think the day that exemplifies our delivery dilemmas the best came in early January (it’s just taken me weeks to post it). I got an email from Tami saying the birthday invitation she sent to the old address was returned to her and musing that we must not have received the Christmas card she sent either. Except that the Christmas card was forwarded (and it was lovely). Then Shannon wrote to ask if she had written our temporary address down wrong, cause her Christmas card was returned. But alas, she had sent it the correct (temporary) address.

So now I am left to wonder, exactly how much am I missing out on? We’re getting lots of forwarded mail most days, but apparently not all and anyone using the temporary address may or may not be getting through.

USPS can you please get your $#&% together so we can get our mail. We used your stupid system, now give us our mail!

2 thoughts on “Understanding Why the USPS is Going Broke

  1. Mom March 15, 2012 / 1:37 pm

    REMEMBER, you are up against the postal UNION !! Enuf said…..

  2. Rob Stiene March 15, 2012 / 2:08 pm

    Your mum may have mentioned how many offices are closed or closing in Bing., and how everything except window service is being moved to Syracuse. Yeah, that’ll help. Sad all around. Good luck on the house though…

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