10 on Tuesday: Things in my Purse

The contents of my purse, dumped out on my bed.
The contents of my purse, dumped out on my bed.

I’m in small-purse mode right now, so when I got the email with this week’s 10 on Tuesday prompt, I wondered if I even had 10 things in my bag. Hah! Who did I think I was kidding? It’s small, but not that small!

1. Kindle. One of the things that allows me a small purse, since it’s so much smaller than my formerly ever-present book – even with my homemade felted case.

2. Essential plastic. That is: debit, SmarTrip, and insurance cards, along with my driver’s license.

3. The world’s saddest umbrella. I bought a super-tiny travel umbrella in 2006, when I went to Thailand in the rainy season. Five and a half years later, it opens and closes only with major effort, and I noticed last week – when I was getting wet while under it – that the fabric is now riddled with little bitty holes. Time to replace, methinks.

4. Business cards. Both my official work cards and the freebie personal cards I got a few months back.

5. Reusable bag. In DC, we pay a nickel at the store if we need a bag, so I always keep one in my purse. The one I’m using now is from the (successful) re-election campaign of my awesome City Council member, Tommy Wells.

6. Lip balm and tissues. Lip balm is – along with my smart phone – something I am never without. (I’ve been known to make my first stop the CVS down the street if I realize I somehow don’t have one with me.) In cold and allergy seasons – so, pretty much always – tissues are also just as omnipresent.

7. Zipper pouch with band aids, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, etc. I bought my little pouch from a wandering vendor while having tea in the Khan el-Khalili in Cairo. It’s too small, really, but having it reminds me of that trip, so I use it anyway.

8. Back up phone charger. This is leftover from when I still had my old 3GS, which couldn’t hold a charge worth a damn. I haven’t needed it since I got my new phone – in fact, I discovered the other day it had been in there so long it had lost its charge when I tried loaning it to Joanne. It’s all charged up again, just in case. (I live in fear of my phone dying.)

9. Notebook. The one I have right now was bought by my colleague Jason on his vacation in Argentina. It’s

10. Cash. This may seem obvious, but I very rarely have any, so this is actually special. Yay, Girl Scout Cookie season for requiring me to pay cash for something.

Oh, and lest you wonder how it is possible that my iPhone is not on the list, it’s because it’s usually in my pocket, not my purse – that would be too far away!

Anyone wanna share what’s in their bag in the comments?

5 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Things in my Purse

  1. Eileen March 6, 2012 / 2:36 pm

    Mine is pretty boring, but I’m glad I’ve separated from the diaper bag 🙂
    1. Wallet & all it’s junk (alas no cash)
    2. Pacifier – you never wanna be without
    3. Tissues
    4. Sunglasses – necessary for driving
    5. Cinnamon Altoids – addictive
    6. Hairbrush
    7. Barrette
    8. Chapstick
    9. Meds (the ones that get eaten with meals)
    10. Pen and pencil (the mechanical pencils that roll up, not click – that’s important 🙂

  2. Donna March 6, 2012 / 2:38 pm

    What a pretty felted case for your Kindle. I made a case for my Nook but didn’t felt it. I might try that instead!

  3. mk March 6, 2012 / 5:46 pm

    Sarah…I would probably not miss as many calls if I kept my phone one me…but sometimes, it really is a blessing!

  4. Mom March 7, 2012 / 7:39 am

    Let’s see. I’m still in more mid-sized tote mode — haven’t downsized since traveling last weekend.

    1). Wallet (w/plastic AND cash), receipts, driver’s license, and a very few coins.
    2). Pad of paper, pen & pencil.
    3). Comb.
    4). Zipper case with chap stick, lip stick, bandaids, Aleve, mini CPR face mask, sm. hairspray, nail clipper & file, tissues, etc. [I like yours from Cairo. Alas, mine is just CVS clear plastic & doubtlessly too big if it contains all this stuff!]
    5). iPad (somedays).
    6). Reuseable sack.
    7). Collapsible hairbrush. Mini-size from travel-aids section of Target. $1 — turned out to be a fabulous entertainment device for your nephew when back-seat sitting recently in Texas. Open, Close, Snap out brush. He LOVED it 😏
    8) 9) & 10) — no longer in bag, but used and ESSENTIAL on said return trip (when enexpectadly [but not surprisingly] marooned by the airlines in the Philly airport) — toothbrush, baggie containing clean unders, and iPad/phone charger. Good Girl Scout training — BE PREPARED 😏😏. (P.S. carry-on luggage was on tarmac, as it turns turns out getting soaked, cuz the plane ran out of overhead bin room).

  5. Mom March 7, 2012 / 7:42 am

    Also, car & house keys. AND, iPhone in my pocket too. Wouldn’t want purse to be too heavy. Ha Ha!!

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