10 on Tuesday: Thoughts On This Year’s Oscars

The "Hugo" movie poster, via IMDB.com.
The "Hugo" movie poster, via IMDB.com.

I am not the world’s biggest movie enthusiast, but I pretty much always watch the Oscars… And I definitely always have an opinion (alas, not an especially positive one this time around), so I like this week’s 10 on Tuesday prompt – though I had to stop myself at 10!

1. I’m sorry to say it, but I thought Billy Crystal was terrible as host. He used to be funny and charming, this year, I found him cringeworthy.

2. “Hugo” was a better movie than “The Artist.” So was “The Descendants,even though it made me cry. (I didn’t hate “The Artist,” though, I just think it got too much attention for being black & white and French and silent – and not enough notice was paid to the fact that the story was insubstantial.)

3. I would have been less miffed at “Hugo” not winning Best Picture if it had gotten Best Adapted Screenplay, because it did such a brilliant, gorgeous job of adapting not only the words, but also the art, of Brian Selznick’s The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

4. I loved that Meryl Streep was all “Whatever!” about the “Her again?” haters. And seriously, she’s so good that my thought is “Why not always her?” Also, I thought she looked gorgeous – and thought it was fabulous that she thanked her makeup artist, rather than a plastic surgeon.

5. Robert Downey, Jr. is one of my favorite actors, one I’ve said I would watch read the phone book – something he should have considered rather than doing that fake-documentary bit with Gwyneth Paltrow. It was unwatchable.

6. I hate Cirque du Soleil. Always. And more at the Oscars.

7. I wish Kermit the Frog and Jim Parsons had performed “A Man or a Muppet” live. It’s such a cute song and Jim Parsons is hilarious. (Maybe next year, he can co-host with Tina Fey.)

8. I thought this Washington Post article, “Dear Hollywood, nostalgia is not a business model,” was a great look at what bugged me about the Oscars this year.

9. The Oscars are not as fun when you miss the red carpet show, which I did.

10. Following along on Twitter is way, better – and funnier – than the actual show. I’m a girl who likes some snark, and Twitter never fails to bring it.

So, those are my (fairly negative) thoughts. Have at it in the comments… just how wrong do you think I am?

6 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Thoughts On This Year’s Oscars

  1. sprite February 28, 2012 / 1:01 pm

    I really thought the dog from The Artist ought to have been nominated for best supporting actor. He totally made the movie. I’m not saying Christopher Plummer is undeserving (and certainly it sounds like he did a great job), but I’d have to compare performances before I’d be willing to swear as to whose portrayal was superior.

    Also, in terms of dresses, I really liked Penelope Cruz’s purple princess dress. I did not think, as the news broadcast following the show suggested, that it remotely resembled satin sheets.

  2. Eileen February 28, 2012 / 1:48 pm

    On a whole I thought the Oscars were self-indulgent, overly nostalgic, not particularly funny, slow moving and boring. (otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast) Even the red carpet was cringeworthy – and I love, love, love Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia but they couldn’t save Robin Roberts and the other woman. Too many people. Where did all the substance go?! (ha ha)

    As for the awards, I didn’t see many of the movies. I found the love fest for The Artist tedious. I was thrilled that Christopher Plummer won and found his acceptance speech to be the perfect model for young and old starlets alike. Sometimes I think they select one of the old legends to class the place up a bit and remind us what real talent can achieve. Ditto for Meryl though her speech meandered a bit, I just love her. Can’t believe her last statue was for Sophies Choice. Oh and I loved that she thanked her hubby first not over the play out music. That was sweet. And ditto Sarahs comment re: make up v. plastics 🙂

    Here’s hoping next years has some spark back but not a raunchy ratings grab. Some actual talent and humor would be nice.

    Oh one more thing. Please never ever show me the folks playing the music in the boxes ever again, let alone every five minutes. Sheesh. Play longer clips and skip the filler. (and show some in memorium clips too – that bit was a snoozer as well)

  3. Common loon February 28, 2012 / 4:51 pm

    If I didn’t get to see any of the Oscars then perhaps I should not enter ANY comments? I did not know you didn’t like Cirque – huh! It’s a favorite around here since that’s where we got engaged. We’ll have to wait for RedBox to see most of the films, I suppose.

  4. maryann February 28, 2012 / 6:46 pm

    I enjoyed the Oscars this year, and though a bit stale (them not me), I stayed awake through to the end. One of the benefits of retirement is seeing more movies than I ever had before, so I had an opinion and really felt involved.

    Thoughts from an older watcher: Love you Billy Crystal but it’s time to pack it in. Meryl’s dress was frumpy, as was her portrayal of M Thatcher. Angelina should get a therapist. Eat! “Who” are you wearing? Give me a break!! Take the stupid trains off the dresses, or just interview the ladies in their seats. Brad Pitt – cut your hair. I could go on, but then I might be stale.

    I thought the Cirque feature was fantastic, esp in a show that really needed spark. I also love music and was disappointed in the two categories. Or maybe there was so little to choose from. I loved the music from The Descendants, all beautiful Hawaiian, but there was no “original” score or feature song.

    Someone tell me – where can I see those wonderful short films, and the documentaries? Bet they show them in DC?! I’ll have to visit you Sarah 🙂

  5. Joanne February 28, 2012 / 11:06 pm

    the red carpet coverage was horrendously painful. they all looked awkward and lost, and the chitchat was so forced. I could only handle a minute or two. Ooof.

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