Bouncing Back

Mmm... Chocolate.
Mmm... Chocolate.

Remember last night, when I posted that I’d spent the entire day feeling extraordinarily grouchy? Well, three things happened this morning that started me off in such a good mood that I’m still feeling cheery, despite the fact that the rest of my day has been decidedly average.

Pretty much the first thing I saw this morning, given that the notification was on my iPhone screen when I woke up, was a Twitter reply alerting me to the fact that Think Geek sells a blue canary nightlight, inspired by “Birdhouse in Your Soul.” I have never owned a nightlight in my entire adult life, but I could not get to their website fast enough to order one of my own. The mere thought of it in my bathroom – in the outlet by the light switch, natch – makes me a little bit giddy.

(Such is the amazing power of the Internet that a woman I’ve never met in real life, but expect that I would like, given our shared fondness for preservation, hockey, and They Might Be Giants, was able to make my day with a 140-character message. Modern life, FTW!)

Following shortly after that tweet, I got an email from my friend Liz, telling me the Girl Scout Cookies I ordered from her daughter had arrived. I was very glad to hear from her, because I thought I had been a little too casual in my cookie ordering, relying on Facebook comments and casual mentions in bars rather than the more traditional writing on the long, shiny-paper form. I should have known that Liz would never leave me hanging on something as critical as my Samoa stash. Of course, if everyone I ordered from comes through, I’ll have six boxes of Samoas, which might be overmuch… But better too many than too few!

And, completing this morning’s trifecta of awesome, a large amount of chocolate was delivered to the office, courtesy of the folks at Videri Chocolate Factory in Raleigh. (One of my colleagues interviewed them for a blog post last week.) We all already thought they were fabulous because they make organic, fair-trade chocolate in a rehabbed warehouse, but sending us samples of their extremely tasty wares sealed the deal. If you happen to find yourself in Raleigh, give them a visit, eat some yummy stuff, and see how they make the chocolate. Fun and deliciousness!

Is it any wonder that my morning left a smile on my face all day?


Oh, if any of you are lamenting an actual written post in the place of the usual Wayback Wednesday photoblog, do not despair – I’ll be posting it later. Two posts in one day… I must be happy!

3 thoughts on “Bouncing Back

  1. wendalicious February 22, 2012 / 9:02 pm

    And you made my day (as well as the day of our office intern) with the Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch. So thank you…

  2. Common loon February 22, 2012 / 9:52 pm

    I think it’s Keebler that makes a Samoa knock-off (more cookies, less money, same taste). I’m all for supporting GS, especially as a former scout…but if you find yourself in a bind or uncomfortable with how cookie profits are distributed, you should know about the Keebler option.

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