In No Particular Order

Crocuses!Here are some bits and pieces from my week…

  • At almost the exact same time my bad back got better – as determined by my ability to put my socks on without pain – I came down with an incredibly annoying cold. I’m not sick enough to count as legit sick, but I’m tired and sneezy and sniffly and grumpy. And so over feeling lousy.
  • Related to the post linked above, some of the mouse poison in my apartment has been eaten – though I haven’t smelled the related dead mouse aroma my landlord said would accompany it. I’m assuming this just means my congestion has some value, though I hope it means the mouse went elsewhere to die.
  • Despite feeling like hell, I got carded twice on Tuesday Monday. Without a doubt, this is the best thing that’s happened to me all week.
  • I booked tickets to go see my sister in Houston next month. I now need to decide who we’re going to see at the rodeo – Zac Brown Band or Miranda Lambert… Or maybe both?
  • It is Social Media Week, and DC is one of the host cities this year, so I’ve been trying to make it to at least one free session per day. The one I went to yesterday afternoon was hands-down the best one, so good, in fact, that it might get a blog post of its very own.
  • This morning, I saw crocuses for the first time this year – quite pretty and cheerful, if rather early.

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