A-Felting I Will Go

There’s been a variety of cold-like crud going around my office, so when my throat started getting sore and my head stuffy, I immediately laid low, in the hopes of nipping it in the bud. As a result, most of my “productivity” this weekend consisted of sitting on my couch, watching nearly all of the first season of “White Collar” on streaming Netflix while knitting.

All of that dedicated time, however, means I actually have a fully completed project (as well as a new awareness that Matt Bomer’s amazing blue eyes can magically redeem all the plot implausibility of his show). I made up a quick felted case for my Kindle to replace the one I bought, which I mentioned earlier in the week appears to be the culprit for all the battery issues I’ve been having with it.

I’ve never felted in my new washing machine, but it seems to have gone well. I might have stopped it a bit earlier, in fact, had I realized it was shrinking up so much – but everything I’ve read about felting in a front-loading washer says it takes forever, so I defaulted to the longest cycle. As a result, it might be bit too short, but I don’t think precision is necessarily required for a Kindle case.

Before it hit the washer...
Before it hit the washer...
And after!
And after!

I do think my lazy weekend helped – my throat is feeling better, though I am still sniffly. I expect I’ll probably make it through the work week.


One thought on “A-Felting I Will Go

  1. Mom February 13, 2012 / 8:45 am

    That looks pretty cool. Here’s to a snuggly Kindle and a Good Day Monday!!

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