Warm, Tasty, and Clean

Today's #febphotoaday theme was "hands." This may be the only clever interpretation I come up with this month.
Today's #febphotoaday theme was "hands." This may be the only clever interpretation I come up with this month.

I’m switching up the schedule a little bit this week – I’ve got something else planned for tomorrow, so I’m posting my three beautiful things from the past week a day early.

1. There are those who will complain about three days in the high 60s/low 70s as the calendar shifts from January to February, but I am not one of those people. I enjoyed our little taste of spring immensely.

2. I had a coupon (supplied by sprite and Rudi) for a dozen cupcakes, which I picked up for the office on Wednesday afternoon – perfect timing to get up the new flavor of the month. The “DC Love Child” may be the most delicious cupcake I’ve ever eaten – chocolate cake made with a Chocolate City Beer in the batter and bourbon frosting, with a chocolate-dipped potato chip on top. Yum!

3. Though it’s not the first time said so, coming home after a long week of work to a house that was cleaned while I was gone is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

What’s been beautiful in your world this week?


Unrelated to the topic of this post: it’s BFF Wendy’s 40th birthday! Though there’s not a lot of today left, take a moment to pop on over to her blog, Wendalicious, and wish her a happy one!

3 thoughts on “Warm, Tasty, and Clean

  1. Common loon February 3, 2012 / 10:59 pm

    1. Mouth guards. And to be even more specific, wearing a mouth guard properly. Oldest played D in his last game and stopped the puck from going into the net; however his head smacked the post, which won him a trip to the ER. “Only” a minor concussion b/c of his mouth guard.
    2. Dark chocolate brownies with a swirl of peanut butter and topped with crushed pretzels.
    3. A phone call. From half-way across the country, I correctly diagnosed Dad’s garage door problem!!! He’s the engineer, but missed it. He even called me back to congratulate me AND tell me I was right (not that he had to, but this was a first)!

  2. Mom February 4, 2012 / 8:15 am

    1). Had my first choc p/b MUG cake. Yummy, as prev mentioned !
    2). Discovered “new to me” Italian restaurant in Bing @ dinner with long- time friend Merina.
    3). Packed and ready to fly off to CG & Houston tomorrow. Bye bye to Feb. winter ;). With time diff, I’ll be there in time to root for THE team !!

    P.S. Loon — so glad your #1 turned out well. ‘Twas scary, I’m sure. AND, horray for #3 and so happy Dad gave credit where due. Girl/Daughter Power !!! Yeah 🙂

  3. Shannon February 5, 2012 / 3:55 pm

    Um….kind of a meh week but here goes…

    1. It was Wendy’s 40th birthday! Maybe not beautiful for her, but definitely for the rest of us.

    2. We had some spring-like weather this week…again…and it was definitely nice.

    3. Got some nice kudos for writing up a budget hearing summary at work. Not terribly exciting but kind of nice as I try to establish myself in my year-old position in the office.

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