Resolutions Recap, Part One

My first submission for #febphotoaday. Theme: my view today.
My first submission for #febphotoaday. Theme: my view today.

Back at the start of the new year, I posted not one, not two, but three posts around the theme of New Year’s resolutions. Given that I’m not generally much of a resolver, this was certainly something. Resolutions, however, are nothing without accountability, so here are a few updates on how the first month went.

Full Credit:

  • I posted here every day!
  • I brought in my lunch to work (and ate it) as planned all but two times. Once because, though it was made, I totally forgot to take it out of the fridge, and the second time (yesterday) because the weather was too nice to stay inside, so I deferred what I’d packed for a more park bench-friendly salad. I count this as a complete success despite the two misses because it’s basically a 100% reversal from my usual habit.
  • I read one book – Bossypants, by Tina Fey.

Partial Credit:

  • I RSVP’d to attend a networking happy hour solo (my “discomfort” for the month) but it was last Thursday, when I was too laid up to actually go. And lest you think this is insufficient as something uncomfortable, please be aware that my fear of being alone at a social event is second only to my fear of heights.

Abject Failure:

  • I didn’t send a single postcard. Not one. Re-committing for February and may even send make-up extras.

For February, the plan is to continue with bringing my lunch, and adding being disciplined about my sleep to the mix. I know you’re wondering how someone who loves to sleep like a kid loves Christmas could have an issue in this area, but in reality, I stay up way too late on weeknights, so I spend my time at the office feeling exhausted. I’m not looking to switch up my biorhythms to become a morning person or anything (the horror!) but since my lifestyle doesn’t actually support being nocturnal, I need to stop acting like it does. Eight hours every night… for real.

I’m also adding a new creative endeavor into the mix. I stumbled upon February Photo a Day, a list of daily photo prompts for the month. I like that each day has a theme, since running out of ideas for things to photograph in my everyday life is what (eventually) derailed my Project 365 from a few years back – and why I didn’t put any restrictions on this year’s post-a-day plan, other than actual daily-ness.

Anyway. It’s almost bedtime, so that’s that for today.

2 thoughts on “Resolutions Recap, Part One

  1. IamNotDefined February 2, 2012 / 12:45 am

    Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Mom February 2, 2012 / 7:52 am

    CORRECTION! You DID send postcardS. A few dozen! Your beautiful holiday greeting. That surely counts!! Good commitment and lots accomplished.

    To your already busy desk, you could add sort of a business-card-holder-type “thingy” and place some picture post cards in it (siting there as a reminder of sorts) and each time you remove one for mailing, there will be a new picture to look at.

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