Sunday Snapshot (and Slideshow): Fallingwater

My postcard shot of Fallingwater.
My postcard shot of Fallingwater.

Back in November, my sister-in-law Jen and I finally had a chance to take my nephew (her son) D on a road trip to Pennsylvania to see Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright house. He had been a little obsessed with it ever since he saw the LEGO recreation of it at the National Building Museum, and even more so since he got his own Fallingwater set to build for his birthday last January. Now, I am the first to acknowledge that being fascinated by high-style architecture is not exactly usual for a seven-year-old, but I guess that’s what LEGOs will do to a kid.

Of course, I think both Jen and I were slightly anxious as to how he would react to going on actual house museum tours (we also visited Kentuck Knob, another FLW house near Fallingwater). Most tours are not exactly geared to kids, and being up close and personal with objects that can’t be touched is not exactly easy for a wiggly little boy.

I’ve got to say, though, he was absolutely great – quiet, paid attention, followed instructions… and told anybody who would listen that he had built Fallingwater out of LEGOs. We were lucky to get tour guides who did not mind being followed very closely by a highly interested second-grader. (D seemed truly puzzled by the fact that Jen and I would hang back and others in the group go ahead of us, because to him, being first into each room was apparently part of the fun.)

We did take advantage of the opportunity to run around the sculpture garden at Kentuck Knob and “get the sillies out” in between tours, which seemed helpful, but overall, I was impressed with just how good D was. And it was so nice to get to hang out and talk with him – he’s often hilariously (if occasionally unintentionally) funny – and it was good to get to see that for a sustained amount of time, rather than interrupted by the typical brother-squabbles that break out when he’s at home.

Here are a few photos from our trip:

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  1. Mom January 9, 2012 / 7:22 am

    B E A U T I F U L photos!! FLW was an amazing talent and I find it equally amazing that Little D is so impressed with his architecture. And, you and Jen are to be applauded for encouraging his curiosity by taking him to see those fabulous places first hand :). Thanks for sharing this tour.

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