Wayback Wednesday: Baby’s First Christmas

This is not, despite this and the last few posts, now a Christmas-themed blog. I swear. But I had so much fun posting my old-timey Halloween photos for October’s Wayback Wednesday posts that I couldn’t resist digging around to see if I had any Christmassy ones. Despite having gone through my shoebox-o-photos more than a few times over the course of this project, I don’t remember ever noticing today’s before – but it couldn’t have turned up at a better time. It’s from December 1971, my very first Christmas!

I’m kind of tickled that the only photo I have from that year is not of me opening presents or playing with a new toy, but instead of my chomping down on the gift wrap. And I love that it looks  like I’m thinking, “What? You don’t eat wrapping paper? Huh.” I’ve seen a lot of babies make that face over the years. It’s kind of similar to the, “What, what? I’m not supposed to just play with the box?” expression. Remind me again why we don’t just give babies boxes and paper for gifts…

Mmm... Wrapping paper is delicious!
Mmm... Wrapping paper is delicious!


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  1. Mom December 7, 2011 / 6:24 pm

    So adorable! So normal 😉

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