Friends, Neighbors and Strangers

I’m a day late, again, but here are three beautiful things from this past week, which are merely representative of the love and support we’ve felt from family, friends, and new friends far and wide.

1. Bill and Karen have lent us their lovely home to call our own, which is a blessing beyond measure, especially for James who we’re not having to chase down in a hotel room!

2. Left on our door step by a 9yo neighbor last weekend, “Dear Neighbor, We are so sad about your house. We’re glad you are all safe and that no one is hurt. I understand you have a 1 year old baby and were planning a birthday party for the baby. Here are some things for the baby to hug and read. Happy birthday.” That totally undid me…

3. Received in the mail. “Dear Ones, In the Facebook age news travels quickly. We were very sorry to learn of the fire damage to your home. Prior to a transfer (address) was a very joy filled home for our family of five sons…” This too made me cry.

Our house, unlike most in the neighborhood, has had many owners – but each that we have come to know loved it, and built many happy memories there. We hope to again someday.

So what has been beautiful in your world this past week?