The Week Ahead

So, it’s 15 minutes to midnight and I’m thisclose to ruining my planned month of daily posts because I arrived home too tired to write. (Apparently, I’m out of practice and even a preseason hockey game is exhausting.) Rather than banging out a post quickly and going to bed, I instead watched tv for a while, dithered a bit, and have just now finally decided to not fail at my self-imposed writing goal.

Of course, I’ve still got nothing to write about and only seven minutes left in today (!) so I’ll go with a quick snapshot of my week. The not-work parts, that is. The work parts will be spent working.

Monday: Caps  game – their first win of the preseason. Meaningless, but still fun.

Tuesday: Desperately needed haircut and dye job.

Wednesday: Skating lesson and practice, maybe some beers after.

Thursday: Flying to Houston for James’ birthday and to visit his parents.

Friday – Sunday: I have no idea what Eileen as planned for us, but I’m hoping it includes a pedicure. (Hint, hint.)