Sunday Snapshot: Hey, Mr. Spaceman

Today was my nephew’s G’s fifth birthday party. He chose outer space as his theme, and he, his brother, and their friends taste-tested astronaut ice cream, drank Tang, and ate cake decorated with the solar system. To make things more authentic, there were a couple of space helmets to wear:

All the kids seemed to have a great time, but after hours and hours of running around, the adults were pretty tuckered out. I celebrated surviving the party by recycling the leftover Tang into “astronaut cocktails” for Jen and me, which turned out to be neither the best nor the worst beverage I’ve tried. The vodka made the Tang less sweet, but not really enough less. Ah, well. They were kinda amusing, at any rate.

Today kicked off a week of birthday festiveness in my family – G’s actual birthday is tomorrow, his cousin H joins him in the land of boys who are five on Wednesday, and baby James turns one on Thursday. Happy, happy birthdays to all!