I’m tired of missing my kitty.

I’m tired of flooding.

I’m tired of drought.

I’m tired of hearing our leaders squabble and debate and posture and speechify in search of political advantage while real people struggle to make ends meet.

I’m tired of an offseason where the sport I love has suffered one loss after another and another, culminating in a more staggering loss than anyone could have imagined.

I’m tired of turning on my television and seeing an awful day  reduced to grief porn for the sake of ratings.

I’m tired of feeling sad and worried about people I love and people I’ve never met.

I’m tired of my promise to try to post every day in September, without which I would not be writing this whiny list.

I’m tired. Bedtime.

Forecast for tomorrow is sunshine. I’m not tired of that.

Until tomorrow, then.

4 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Mom September 10, 2011 / 6:04 am

    You do have a way of summing it up, Sarah !!

    TWC is now using words like “occasional”, “light”, and “sporadic” when referring to rain — so that is good!! Maybe Ma Nature heard our prayers for “moderation”.

    I have to share our laugh from yesterday: One of our local news readers referred viewers to the station’s website for “tips on how to boil water” !!!! And, she managed to keep her face straight 🙂 Tee Hee!

  2. Common Loon September 10, 2011 / 9:42 am

    I would suggest “unplugging” for the weekend and spending as much time as possible outside today. Might help with everything but missing your cat(s). Tomorrow’s anniversary will only add to your fatigue. I know you really value the connectedness that technology allows, so unplugging would be hard, but it would also reduce the fuel to the “stress fire.”

  3. Mom September 10, 2011 / 10:52 am

    Oh, Loon, you are so right!! I’ve turned off the tv several times. And, if the area’s “stress” is not enough, I’m afraid to say that I don’t want/need to see the towers hit one more time. I can and do remember….. Some things are etched in our MEMORIES Let’s all try to dwell on some good ones. HUGS ALL AROUND.

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