10 on Tuesday: Things You Want to Knit this Fall/Winter

I need to preface today’s 10 on Tuesday list with a disclaimer: I know there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that I will get 10 things knit over the fall/winter unless both my speed and motivation change dramatically. And even then, I might need to fall into a wormhole to a parallel universe where I am an excellent knitter. There are, however, plenty of knitting projects I’d like to complete someday, so that’s what this list really is.

1. I’m finally going to finish this skirt. Like, for reals. In fact, the knitting is all done – I just need to get to a sewing store to buy thread (to sew on the trim) and elastic (to make the waistband). Home stretch, folks. Home! Stretch!

2. I’d like to get the rest of the socks from my wholly unsuccessful single-sock experiment from 2008 finished. I think there are two, or possibly three, left to knit.

Sample sweater from the Tess' Designer Yarns booth at MDSW.
Sample sweater from the Tess' Designer Yarns booth at MDSW.

3. I’ve been obsessed with this sweater since the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival back in May. I bought the yarn with an understanding it was a pattern from Knitty (translation: maker of good patterns I like), but found out when I got home that it was, in fact, from Drops (translation: maker of inscrutable patterns I dislike). This has dampened my enthusiasm for the making of the sweater, but not for owning the sweater, so I am planning to give it a go.

4. I need to make socks from the “Nationals” colorway yarn I bought at this year’s Stitch ‘n Pitch – which, since the colors are the same, I am going to pretend is called “Capitals” – so I have super-cool game day socks. Given the hockey season starts in a month, I’d best get cracking on those.

5. I’ve got some pretty lavender yarn waiting to become this sweater. Or possibly this one. I’ve had it so long I can’t remember the weight or yardage, but I expect it will work for one of them.

6. Clapotis is one of the first things I queued when I joined Ravelry. I should probably make it one of these days, eh?

7. I want to make fingerless gloves for work (my office is cooooold), and sprite has a pair I want to copy. I’ll consider this a note to myself to ask her what the pattern is.

8. I accidentally felted my first pair of Monkeys after too many washes, so I need to make a new pair of those, cause they were kinda my favorite handmade socks.

9. I think these little slippers are adorable – and they’re supposedly fairly simple – so I might take a crack at them soon, though my front-loading washer makes felting a challenge.

10. I have a couple of skeins of mohair from a yarn club that I’d like to turn into scarves. Might need to find elves to do this, however, because as much as I love mohair scarves, I hate knitting with mohair. (If you’ve never seen mohair yarn, it’s basically a tiny piece of string surrounded by a cloud of fluff attached by magic. It makes beautiful things, but is blinding, and fiddly, and a general pain in the ass to work with.)

Anybody got knitty or other crafty-type plans for the fall  and winter? Or for the next several… like me?

8 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Things You Want to Knit this Fall/Winter

  1. sprite September 7, 2011 / 12:52 am

    Do you mean my Rib and Cable Mitts? I can lend you the magazine the pattern is in whenever you’re ready to knit.

  2. Marlene September 7, 2011 / 7:24 am

    Interesting about the Drops patterns. As a crocheter I also dislike them. Glad to know it’s not just me!

  3. Common Loon September 7, 2011 / 8:44 am

    Instead of knitting, I sew…and I easily have a list of 10 projects to complete. If I list them here, my hope is that would spurn some timely project completions, so here goes:

    1. I’m halfway done sewing a playhouse for one of the kids’s schools. I wanted it done in time for his first day (this Friday), but not sure that’s gonna happen.
    2. The above project started me on the idea of sewing a playhouse for our home, which I know would be very well received and would save a lot sanity and time when it comes to cleaning up (as opposed to our current blanket forts).
    3. My tote bag. I’ve made several for gifts and auctions, and I’ve been encouraged to start a business; however I’ve never made one for myself. I have fabric I love, it’s mostly cut, I need to finish it!
    4. Tablecloths. We are in desperate need of some that have not reached their stain-capacity. I already have the fabric, too.
    5. Christmas PJ’s. Our family tradition is that we all get some homemade PJ’s on Christmas Eve, and I would like to have a year when I am not cramming.
    6. Older kids need cold weather PJ’s. They outgrew what they had. Our weather is turning.
    7. A sleep sack for my nephew. The kids found him the perfect fabric, so how can I not finish this one?
    8. A new valance for the downstairs sliding door.
    9. A baby blanket for my youngest. He’s the only child that wasn’t given a homemade blanket, so I started to sew him a quilt. My hope was to have it done it time for his 3rd birthday. OK Family, you do the math…it’s not done.
    10. 2 rag quilts…those babies are due in November.

  4. Eileen September 7, 2011 / 10:17 am

    I love it when I have to use M-W.com to decipher something in your post 🙂

    My creativity this fall needs to be channeled into photography & scrapbooking.

    1. James has had no formal portraits (bad Mama). So sometime this month we’ve got to get 1yo pictures

    2. My girlfriends made these really awesome 1st birthday banners – using their favorite month by month pictures. I’m hoping to steal their idea

    3. James needs a baby book!

    4. For his birthday, I’ve been thinking about making James a family tree book.

    (are you sensing a theme yet 😉

    5. I only have a photo copy of Little Man’s lifebook/baby book although I have duplicates of all of them…

    6. I need to organize my electronic photo files

    7. It might be nice if I made photo books from some of our best adventures … our honeymoon (Rome, Athens & Santorini), Rwanda, the Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam trip, etc.

    8. I need to update our den photo collages

    9. We have an awesome Christmas book tracking where we spend Christmas as a family (awesome wedding gift). I think we’re up to 2007…

    10. Perhaps early coordination w/Jen for the annual Christmas calendar would be a good idea. And maybe saying it here will be a good reminder.

    Bonus project – creating our family book just in case we decide to jump back in the adoption pool someday. I found it so daunting back when we were doing our home study et al so I never finished it. Seems like a less pressured time might be just the ticket. It will be fun to have too even if it never gets used…

  5. susan September 7, 2011 / 5:55 pm

    Does making dinner count as a project? I am always behind on that…

  6. Mom September 7, 2011 / 6:02 pm

    Susan, you are a hoot!!! Just *reading* these lists exhaust me. And, these “projects” are the extras 🙂

  7. susan September 7, 2011 / 7:13 pm

    @Mom…so, make this clear for me. Dinner is NOT an extra?

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