Change, Hug, and Perfect

It’s Saturday, so it’s time to look back at three beautiful things from the past week – something I hope to be doing consistently again, now that I’ve re-committed to writing regularly.

1. As I drive through the rainy gloom along the western edge of Hurricane Irene, the sky suddenly begins to lighten, and within a mile or two it is a gorgeous, sunny day. The shift is so dramatic I feel like I’m in Hollywood and have driven from one movie set to another.

2. When I arrive at work on Monday after spending an awful morning at the vet’s having Smoky put to sleep, my colleague Julia stops what she’s doing and says “Do you need a hug?” I do, and I accept it gratefully – and tearfully.

Sunset by the waterfall at Yards Park.
Sunset by the waterfall at Yards Park.

3. We decide to kick off the holiday weekend with a picnic at Yards Park, and when I arrive, sprite and Rudi have passed up the grassy areas nearer the band for the edge of the wading pool, where we can get our feet wet and look at the waterfall. John and Nicole join us there, and we drink wine, eat finger foods, and chat until dark, which provides a perfect start to the end of summer.

What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

4 thoughts on “Change, Hug, and Perfect

  1. Mom September 3, 2011 / 4:04 pm

    I can’t begin to list JUST THREE beautiful things — a whole week with “my three girls” and my three GRAND little boys — up to 6 already!! Then there is watching the boys play and get to know each other better, playing in the parks, the great conversations, “stuff” done together, hanging out, visitors, good food (as previously posted!), carousel, pictures, shopping, etc., and most of all the hugs and love :). My “cup” is **FULL**.

  2. Marlene September 4, 2011 / 7:35 am

    I’m so sorry you you had to put Somkey to sleep. I’m sending you cyber hugs, too.

  3. Common Loon September 4, 2011 / 3:53 pm

    1. Middle child decided to grow a watermelon. Never having done it before, we had NO IDEA what an adventure it would turn out to be. We’ve pulled a melon off the vine each week, following all of the advice anout how to tell if it is ripe, for the past month, and last night we got our first ripe melon! It weighed 26 pounds! Our neighbor said it was big enough that we should have entered it into the state fair, which brings us to

    2. The Great MN Get Together (the State Fair). Saw more, did more, got more, and yes ate more. We ate plenty of Sweet Martha’s for Eileen & company. The trampoline guys were amazing, and we hope to see Nate compete in the 2012 Olympics.

    3. We went to watch UT take on “the U” in women’s volleyball. 3 dressed and cheered for the Longhorns, 3 dressed and cheered for the Gophers. The skill level was amazing, and we had an absolute, affordable blast!

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