Wayback Wednesday: Observing

I know last week’s Wayback Wednesday post promised photos of my childhood bedroom (embarrassing Rob Lowe posters and all) for today, but I’m sorry to say, I could not find them. I know I’ve come across at least a couple in the shoebox-o-photos since I started this theme but they seem to have vanished. I suspect it occurred they’d make good blog fodder, so I pulled them out for safe keeping, and, well… You all know how that goes. I’ll be lucky if I ever see them again.

A rainbow at the observatory.
A rainbow at the observatory.

All is not lost, however. While hunting for the bedroom photos, I came across a handful of (fairly terrible) shots from a camp I went to at the Kopernik Observatory the summer after – or possibly before – my freshman year of high school. These caught my attention because right now, my seven-year-old nephew is up in Binghamton going to some version of that same camp.

Jane (left) and me, outside the observatory.
Jane (left) and me, outside the observatory.

I had to do a wee bit of research to see if I could figure out exactly when the camp was, but it’s left me a bit confused. I recall that our focus was entirely on Halley’s Comet, which the Internet tells me was most visible in November 1985 and April 1986. My friend Jane and I are wearing shorts in the photos, so clearly the camp was not in either of those months. (And if you have to ask why “clearly” this is the case, you’ve obviously never been to Binghamton.) So, was the camp in the summer of 1985 to prepare for the comet’s arrival? Or was it in 1986, as the comet was leaving? Would it have even been visible by June or July? I have no idea, though I do vaguely recall it being a sleepover camp so we could use the telescope at night… But if the comet hadn’t arrived yet – or was already gone – what were we looking at?

Sigh. I do wish I had a better memory for details. I also wish the cameras had better zoom in the 80s.

The tiny posing people are me (left), Eileen (center), and Jane (right).
The tiny posing people are me (left), Eileen (center), and Jane (right).

Oh, and please note I did not mention the awful hair or clothes in these pictures. I think the horror speaks for itself.


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One thought on “Wayback Wednesday: Observing

  1. Common Loon August 4, 2011 / 10:04 am

    You’ll find those photos. It’s just hard to pull that off after such a great vacation and the whole return-to-life stuff. They’ll possibly jump out at you when you switch to your Fall wardrobe.

    I was torn between laughther, shock, and horror on the hair.

    From the nephews: “Is that Aunt Sarah when she was younger??”. Followed immediately by “Where is the gum on her pants?”

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