Happy Funtime Vacation

The title of this post comes from Sarah, who after reading my last post sent me a text saying, “thought you were posting happy funtime beach pix. Uh, guess not.”  The funny part is, there actually aren’t any funtime beach pix from our recent trip to Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  There really aren’t more than two or three people pictures, period.  We had a great time, and took lots of animal pictures, but no people ones.

It got worse when Sarah found out that we never actually took James to the beach, which I do feel bad about.  Sarah’s response was, “Isn’t it a parental rite of passage to dig sand out of every crevice of your baby?”  I’m guessing there is lots of truth to that, but seriously it was hard to keep him awake long enough to do much of anything.

This is what beach week looked like.  We woke up between 8:30 and 9:30.  We’d hang out and play for a half hour or so, eat, play a little more and it’d be nap time.  James would sleep for an hour and a half.  We’d leave the house 12:30ish for the beach club, have lunch and get in the pool for a bit (the tides were coming in mid-day, so not great time to have the baby on the beach).  By 2:30, James was literally face planting in the pool float and snarfing on water so we’d scoop him out, dry him off, and try to keep him awake while driving home to put him down for his afternoon nap, which lasted two hours.  At 4:30 or 5, we’d hang out, play, get his dinner ready, feed him, play a bit more and then it was bed time again, or we’d go out to eat which involved the whole post-naptime period.

It is truly amazing to me how quickly a day goes by when split into discrete chunks like that.  It seems like you can get nothing done, but in this case, I was cool with it, as we were – on vacation!  In that sense, it truly was a vacation.  Even more so because our friends internet was out, so we literally were disconnected from the world (which was actually quite lovely!).  So that was our vacation in a nutshell.

I should say that our host, Elizabeth has a fantastically beautiful home. I particularly enjoyed her screened patio first thing in the morning with James.  It was like a play pen for grown ups and kiddos! And they had beach bikes for riding around the island paths. That was super fun too!

Elizabeth and her daughter Virginia Claire were super generous to babysit James one day while Chris and I drove in to Charleston and went on the Fort Sumpter tour.  The heat index that day was 123 degrees, so although I wanted to see the historic district and wander around a bit, we settled for a quick drive by instead.

Honestly, I think that was part of James sleeping so much, was that it was HOT and humid while we were there (very Houston like) and he is in a growth spurt/teething right now, so he just needed to rest!

And now for the pictures…

Blue heron in the lake behind the house
Sand dollar (I said James didn't hit the beach, but while he napped Elizabeth and I went beach combing)
Alligator! at the golf course up the road.
No swimming here! (That's what I call a water hazard.)
Bird drying her wings.

2 thoughts on “Happy Funtime Vacation

  1. Common Loon July 19, 2011 / 11:39 am

    Sarah’s response to you about the parental rite of passage has me howling!!! Oh how very true…and only in retrospect such fun!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Mom July 19, 2011 / 5:52 pm

    Great pics and narrative!! But do so wish you’d indulged James and all of us with a sandy photo! Why, you kids even got to play in the brown sand/dirt by the side of the cottage at or about one and then I got to clean you up in a plastic baby bath tub on the floor with water from the pump !! It takes a LOT of retrospect to remember that as fun, Loon. Yeah, the good old days :). Your digs certainly sound more impressive. Glad you had quality R&R and even got to forget the tech toys for a few days too.

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