Debut, Sunshine, and Fan Fest

It’s Saturday once again (lovely how it comes around every week just when you need it most, isn’t it?) and therefore time to look back at three beautiful things from the past week:

1. My friend Michael’s hilarious and thought-provoking new play, Squirrel: Or, the Origin of a Species, debuted to a packed house at the DC Fringe Festival and a positive review in the Washington City Paper. He takes his writing very seriously, so it makes me happy to see his work get a great response. There are still two performances left, if you happen to be reading this somewhere in the DMV and want to get your theater on.

2. After an absolutely massive thunderstorm on Wednesday afternoon, the typical July HHH weather – hazy, hot, and humid – broke and we were treated to three days of unseasonably mild weather, which in these parts translates to sunshine, dry air,  and temps in the low 80s. Absolutely gorgeous!

G, despite being much smaller than the kid with the ball, goes right for it anyway.
G, despite being much smaller than the kid with the ball, goes right for it anyway.

3. I met up with my brother and nephews today to go to the Caps Fan Fest, held in conjunction with the final day – and last scrimmage – of rookie development camp. We watched some hockey, picked up some swag (temporary tattoos, stressball pucks, keychains, etc.) and spent a lot of time in the kids’ play area outside, where the boys jumped around in the bounce house and bouncey maze, and played a lot of ball hockey. (G, incidentally, is shockingly good, given that he’s not even five years old. He seems to have unusually good positional awareness and defensive instinct. Someone get this kid on a mites team!) I love to make happy memories like this… And getting all the huge, crushing hugs that come with them.

What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

3 thoughts on “Debut, Sunshine, and Fan Fest

  1. Common Loon July 17, 2011 / 9:09 am

    All sports related:

    1. Walking tour of Winnipeg included breakfast at Salsibury House w/ large group of friends & family, followed by a jaunt to the MTS Centre (plus some other stops), Middle joined the Buskers at the Forks, topped off with s’mores by the campfire.
    2. Lacrosse!!!! Older kids absolutely shined in their respective scrimmages. Very cool considering their ages (for example, Middle was playing against a 5th grader and beat him much of the time, older is significantly smaller in stature & weight yet scored twice & got an assist).
    3. Wild Development Camp…Thank you Aunt Sarah!!!!!!

  2. Eileen July 17, 2011 / 11:35 pm

    1. We spent a fantastic week on Kiawah Island, South Carolina at the beautiful summer home of my friend Elizabeth. It was a wonderfully relaxing get away. We swam, collected sand dollars on the beach, rode bikes, saw alligators and birds, visited Charleston, and enjoyed lovely meals. Truly an awesome week.

    2. James learned to sleep through the night (8pm-8am) while we were there (finally!). Who knew all he needed was some fun in the sun?!

    3. A huge thank you to Southwest airlines for allowing us to take James carseat on to use in an empty seat. It spoiled me not to have to corral him on my lap coming and going!

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