Sunday Snapshot: Change of Scenery

Woodlawn Plantation in Alexandria, VA.
Woodlawn Plantation in Alexandria, VA.

I spent last week doing something different for work – attending Preservation Leadership Training, a program run by my colleagues that is, essentially, boot camp for preservationists. It ran for six full days (Sunday-Friday) with an additional half-day yesterday for final presentations. I was not a full participant, in that, rather than working on the group project, I went home each night and instead wrote a blog post about the day’s lessons. (I also live-tweeted the sessions on one of the work accounts – @presconf – which is way the hell harder than it sounds. Six days of condensing big ideas into teeny-tiny 140-character snippets proved to be a lot of work!) I’m not gonna lie – it was exhausting. I don’t remember learning being so tiring, but maybe that’s why high school and college students sleep so much… because all that thinking just takes it out of you.

We had the great good luck of spending the week at one of our historic sites, Woodlawn Plantation, on a week when (for the most part) the weather was unseasonably lovely. It could not have been a more perfect week for meetings and lunches at picnic tables in a grove of pine trees.

If you’re inclined to read about my adventures in preservation eduction, links to the week’s posts are below. I have one more to write, which will go up tomorrow at some point. And I may, some time in the future, contact my classmates to interview them on how they’ve put the lessons to work in their day-to-day work.

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  1. Joanne June 21, 2011 / 6:31 am

    I have yet to go to Woodlawn Plantation. Its more “modern” than I expected it to look. Huh.

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