Solo Flight

Last Wednesday, James and I embarked on our first solo flight – to visit his God parents, and our very good friends Amy and Ben and their little one David.  They moved to Dayton, Ohio last July.  I was planning to write a post before we went, expressing my fear of traveling solo with James.  I am happy to report that it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared.  I was grateful that I brought the umbrella stroller for the airport, as my original plan was to go with just the bjorn, which would’ve been crippling – literally.

We had a wonderful time.  It was so much fun to see David (age 2 1/2) interact with James (almost 8 months).  They were so excited to see each other, especially each morning.  Everyone should squeal with delight greeting their buddy in their pjs!

David is due to be a big brother in August so in some small way, this was his trial run, though I imagine when his little sibling doesn’t go home after a few days, and doesn’t have a designated adult to whisk him/her away when he/she gets crabby, grabby, or slobbery another crumb cruncher will be less enthralling.  We managed to prove that James is a sturdy little fellow too!

Managed to get them in the same frame. Love the expression!

I think the most fun part of the trip was my birthday as  Amy and Ben were caught unaware.  It was hilarious (to me).  Our day started with stroller strength – which was an excellent way to start my 37th year, and has me wishing I could find something like it at home.  We also grocery shopped and hung out.  It was a perfect day.  I was with great friends, enjoying a beautiful day.  About 8pm Amy went to upload onto her blog a video I had taken on David singing zip-a-dee-doo-dah and she clicked over to check out Que sera, Sarah while waiting.  As soon as I saw the picture on her computer screen, I knew the jig was up.  And she was furious in a fun kind of way at me, and Chris too for not providing a heads up!  Off she scurried to the kitchen to make brownies.  So we celebrated with sangria and brownies – not a bad way to end the day.

Friday we hit another park and hiked a mile or so to see a waterfall.  That gave me the opportunity to test drive the Bob jogging stroller, which I now understand why they are so beloved.  Not that I will ever jog, but think of them as the all terrain vehicle of the baby set.  It also gave David an opportunity to splash in the water and check out a frog or two.  Plus Chris arrived in the wee hours of Friday night.

Eileen and James at the waterfall.
What's that Amy?
Seriously? I'm not gonna touch that.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were fun and relaxed.  More time outside in the fantastic 75-80 degree sunshine with good friends, just being.  We also had the opportunity to check out Ben’s new church on Sunday, St. George’s Dayton and to hear him preach, which I miss.

James and Amy
Early Fathers Day shot - boys with their men (Ben & David, Chris & James)
Sweet friends - giving noses!

It was a great trip.  It was also nice to have Chris on the flight home as I was kind of exhausted.  I hate for James to wake up our hosts so where at home I might let him fuss for a few minutes when he wakes in the night until he settles himself, on the road I scoop him up and feed him back to sleep while praying not to form bad habits in the process.  Basically it s quiet at all costs.  So of course, by Sunday night he finally got back on schedule (feedings around 11:30 and 4) just in time to come home and get messed up all over!

Finally, here a a couple of bonus pictures, just cause they’re cute.

Borrowing David's swing - it's the first one I've liked!
You can see my teeth and my amazing blue eyes!

2 thoughts on “Solo Flight

  1. Common Loon May 26, 2011 / 3:42 pm

    Actually Eileen, the last photo is the one where I’m starting to see him lose the “baby” look…there’s a glimmer of toddler. I’m not looking forward to the first haircut pictures. It’s just flying by…

    OK, sure, now I’m in just the right frame of mind to go watch our middle’s kindergarten “graduation” in a couple of hours…. Bwaaah-ahhh-wahhhh 😦

  2. Mom May 26, 2011 / 4:12 pm

    WOW!! Big post — love all the photos (must be James napped for quite a bit today!!)  Amy, Ben and David all look so well and happy, so hopefully they are adjusting okay to their new home & surroundings. Glad you had a great visit and fun trip!

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