Sunday Snapshots: Before and After-ish


One of the downsides of my apartment is that it has an extraordinarily tiny bathroom, with – as might be expected – very limited storage. When I moved in, said storage consisted solely of a small under-sink cabinet, a teeny-tiny shelf, and a medicine cabinet with short, shallow shelves. (Why yes, the previous tenant was a guy. How could you tell?) There wasn’t even anywhere big enough to store spare towels, never mind the bajillion hair products my unruly mane requires.

I eventually found these “floating shelves” to handle the towel problem, but was never happy with having a jumble of stuff all over the back of the toilet and in the cabinet. My frustration came to a head this past week, when the minuscule shelf – which I had crammed with my toothpaste, contacts, saline, moisturizer, and hair goop – pulled out of the wall, sending my stuff crashing everywhere on a morning I was already late for work.

And after-ish
And after-ish

To replace the shelving – both the broken one and the towel holders – I settled on what I learned is called an Étagère… Or at least that is its fancy Target name. It’s one of those goes-around-the-toilet shelf/cabinet combos. I’m not in love with it, as it makes my bathroom look even smaller, yet it also seems oddly small, or, more accurately, short. (What my bathroom lacks in size it makes up in useless vertical space.)

I still have a bit of work to do – mostly spackling of holes – to have this project count as officially done, but it’s finished enough for pictures, I think.

Any suggestions of what to put on top to make it seem taller would be most appreciated, so long as artificial flowers are not among the recommendations. Gotta draw the line somewhere…

Oh, and if anyone wants the three floating towel shelves, let me know. They’re pretty cool, actually, just not a great choice for this particular bathroom.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots: Before and After-ish

  1. Chris Otto May 22, 2011 / 6:52 pm

    Real plants, or perhaps some prints in frames. Looks good!

  2. Jennifer Kropelin May 22, 2011 / 7:46 pm

    It looks great! I would suggest a basket – it will hold a TON of stuff… Going up is the right idea, high ceilings rock!

  3. Mom May 22, 2011 / 8:45 pm

    I like the improvement! How about stacking some of the towels on top. That would free-up the shelves for other stuff, or Jennifer’s idea for basket(s) that you could just pull down in the a.m. with your fixings in it. Or, how about a framed mirror on the top (prop it on an easel), just to give it fake lift. Hang the clock off the side, maybe? Just ideas. Good job!!

  4. Kat May 23, 2011 / 2:36 am

    I envy that you can do that… MY bathroom has no space a a GIANT WINDOW taking up a whole wall. A WHOLE WALL.


    • Sarah May 24, 2011 / 8:35 am

      Ugh! Not only is a giant window awful for storage, I think having one in a bathroom is just odd, seeing as it poses the risk of accidentally exposing oneself to the neighbors. I wouldn’t mind a slightly better window than the one I have, which is near the ceiling, on the air shaft (little light) and screwed shut, but I’m grateful that its placement at least allows me a bit of wall space to work with.

  5. Joanne May 23, 2011 / 6:57 am

    A Chinese Fan would give it height.

  6. Common Loon May 23, 2011 / 10:37 pm

    What about putting a lamp for more gentle lighting (for those times that you really don’t want to wake up or deal with a harsher light…even Christmas lights could work)? I’m short, so I rarely use those hard-for-me-to-reach verticals. I suppose if yu want more storage you could hang a little drape from the ceiling to the top of the shelf to hide whatever else it is you wish to store up that high?

  7. Sarah May 24, 2011 / 8:42 am

    Thanks for the good ideas, everyone. I kind of like the idea of a combo of lighting and some sort of additional storage. Maybe something covered, rather than a basket, since I don’t want to have to dust up that high, but I’ll have to look around to see what I can find.

  8. wendalicious May 24, 2011 / 10:51 am

    I will have to respectfully disagree with Mom – towels on top would mean that they would get dusty, and you’d have to wash them before using them. Could get annoying.

    But, I do like the etagere (it’s an actual word, not just Target-ese).

    I have a fake plant on top of my over-the-toilet shelf, along with some fat candles on pedestals. Very dusty, but I’m way too short to really even care what goes on up there.

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