28.25 Inches Long, or Is It Tall?

Today is a double post kind of day…never fear, Way Back Wednesday will make its appearance sometime before midnight.

Yesterday was James six month birthday – but I held off on writing this celebratory update until after his pediatrician appointment this morning so I could provide all the statistical information I know you are dying to read (ha ha!).

It appears James has peaked, at least for now, on the weight scale.  Actually he peaked at 2 months, when he “achieved” the 82nd percentile for weight.  He currently tips the scales at almost 18 pounds (technically 17 lbs., 14 oz) which is the 58th percentile. And not to brag, but that is all on Mama’s (whole) milk and nothin else! (In celebration of six months and today’s weigh in James will be enjoying his first bowl of organic brown rice cereal for dinner!)

But that’s not all…our little munchkin is in the 95th percentile for height, or length – not sure which it is.  He has been working his way up from the 79th percentile at 2 weeks.  And as our title today suggests, the actual measurement is 2 feet 4.25 inches (it sounds more impressive written out that way, doesn’t it?)!

The pediatrician pronounced him to be in fine health.  He really is doing great.  Drooling up a storm and chewing everything – so the teeth must be coming one of these days.  His toes are a favorite teething toy.  He sits up well (though he still needs a pillow behind cause he likes to bounce backward for fun).  He is also working hard to crawl, and can traverse several feet in just a few minutes by rolling, spinning and wiggling, so once we get the knees and arms coordinated we are in for it big time!  And though he babbles adorably, he really only has one discernable word and that is “Ma” 🙂 and no I am not making that up!

[Check back in a couple hours when I have had a chance to dump the cameras and I’ll add a 6 month picture or two. One of these days we’ll have to hit the portrait studio!]

Chillin on the floor 3-30-11.
My favorite snack...if only we could all be so flexible!
Mama couldn't help herself at the docs office today...I just looked too cute!
Checkin out my awesome physique and my stance. Ready, set...go?

Thanks for listening to me gush about our sweet baby James.  I can’t believe he is already six months old.  They’ve been an awesome six months – I can’t wait for the next six!!

PS. For those wondering how Mama is doing with the MS post-pregnancy, I am thrilled to report we made it through the statistically worst period for exacerbations with no issues what-so-ever.  I feel great and am so grateful to be able to type those words.

7 thoughts on “28.25 Inches Long, or Is It Tall?

  1. susan March 30, 2011 / 6:49 pm

    SO GRATEFUL to read those words 🙂
    I love the updates!!

  2. Mom March 30, 2011 / 8:02 pm

    Great stats!! If they had one for “charmer”, he’d be off the chart there too 🙂

    As for Momma: “grateful”, “relieved”, “thankful” all come to mind. This is so good (beyond words). Hugs for Munchkin from Grammy.

  3. Eileen March 30, 2011 / 11:25 pm

    Sorry I couldn’t pick one picture…I love his “looks” (wonder where he gets those from?)

    Oh, the cereal was _not_ a hit. First he frowned, then he spit it out, then he gagged. We’ll try again in a few days.

    • Sarah March 31, 2011 / 8:56 am

      I know… 2007 isn’t very long ago, but it’s still a photo/story I haven’t shared here before, so I think it counts.

      • Eileen March 31, 2011 / 10:19 am

        Was just bustin your chops 🙂

      • Sarah March 31, 2011 / 10:24 am

        And I also commented on the wrong post – dang phone and its tiny screen! I was coming in here to delete and comment in the right place, but you beat me to replying, so now I have to leave it here. Sigh. Is it time for Miami yet?

  4. Common Loon March 31, 2011 / 9:06 pm

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the update(s) and pictures!!! Good news all around, and it sure is nice to have one of these sorts of updates! Kiddos got a kick out of the photos, too. From oldest, “You know he’s going to do a lot more stuff like that?” From youngest, “Awwww. He’s funny!” (likes the mirror photos best).

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