Bedtime Reading

I don’t know why losing one hour of sleep in the change to Daylight Savings Time gives me what is, essentially, a wicked case of jet lag, but it’s a fact. I spent all of today in a kind of fog and am putting myself to bed early, since it seems later than both the 9:00 it should be and the 10:00 it is. Before I go to sleep, though, I want to share a couple of blog posts that I think are worth reading:

The first comes from a college friend of mine, Chris, who lives with his boyfriend near Osaka, Japan. He’s in the difficult circumstance of being in a country undergoing a devastating experience that’s not really impacting his life directly – kind of like most of the US was during Hurricane Katrina. But he is much closer than that of anyone else I know, and I found his perspective enlightening.

The other post I wanted to share is not of the same level of international importance, but lands squarely at the intersection of the two sports omnipresent in my upbringing: hockey and horse racing. (Yes, really. There are others out there. Who knew?) It’s never occurred to me to look to the equine world for insight into the dangers faced by hockey players, but as someone who has both seen a horse break down on the track and watched a man taken off the ice on a backboard, I can tell you it’s not the stretch you might think. Both take your breath away and demonstrate the fragility of the bodies sacrificed for sport.

And what about you? Read anything lately that you’d like to share? Not to tell you what to post, but something happy would be great, since I just posted sad stuff.