Fantastic Weekend

This past weekend was James baptism.  It was also his first opportunity to meet his God parents, and our awesome friends, Ben and Amy and their little David.  [Ben, Amy & David left for a new job in Dayton, Ohio the same week in July that Little Man left. David was a baby then. He is a full-fledged little boy now.]  Mom/Grandma was also here for the festivities.

We had an awesome weekend.  David thoroughly enjoyed playing with Baby James and was sweet and gentle towards him.  David will be an awesome big brother.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story of the mischief the boys hath made 🙂

Day 1

David driving Lightning McQueen around James head.
We've switched places...having fun.

The boys took to each other instantly and enjoyed each others company thoroughly.  They also enjoyed an evening with buddies Noah and Braedan watching “Cars” while their parents sat around the dining room table catching up – just like the old days (but with more kiddos running around!)

Day 2 – We were too busy chasing boys, socializing, and preparing for Sunday’s post-baptism party to remember to take pictures!

Amy and I started the day at Buffalo Grille with some girlfriends while Ben and Chris enjoyed beignets at Crescent City.  Mom babysat (thanks Mom!).

Anyway, we had a great day…I’ll post our hors d’oeuvres party menu in another post.  If I may say so, we had a great spread!

Of course no party prep/company-in-town weekend is complete without a melt down.  This past weekends was supplied by yours truly.  Long story short, I remembered we needed to pick up our order of 7 dozen petit-fours from the bakery 30 minutes after they had closed. (They tried to call four times prior to closing but apparently the ringer was off!).  Anyway, the clerk had called from her cell and thankfully answered when I called frantically at 5:30. Chris jumped in the car and retrieved them from the manager, who was closing up. Crisis averted.

If you are ever in Houston, check out Moeller’s Bakery.  They’re awesome people, and their confections are awesome too!

Day 3 – We managed to get 5 adults and 2 kiddos out the door at the appointed hour (10am); got to church and set up for the party (with help from some fantastic folks) and got James dressed in his christening gown – which was lovingly hand-made by my friend Elizabeth. (Yes, he wore a dress…our hope is that our grandchildren might wear it also…someday.)

In our service, baptisms take place after the sermon and before communion.  James was a model participant.

Everyone gathered for the baptism.

Reverend Reagan got him good…

Here it comes...
Splish Splash!

Chris accused him of attempting to water board sweet baby James – I thought it looked more like a good old-fashioned Baptist dunking. Either way, James took it like a man.  No tears. No crying. Perhaps a little startled but…no harm done.

Family photo...Chris's parents and Grandma, and Mom (aka Grandma Mary)
James with God parents - Amy, lil David, & Ben

After the service we partied in the parlor…I should say everyone but James partied.  He slept through the first half in his car seat, kind of like a center piece on the sofa 🙂

And Sunday night Mom babysat again so Ben & Amy and Chris & I could go on a double date that involved two of our favorite Houston spots – Empire Cafe and Paciugo (gelato!).

Day 4 – All good things must come to an end and it was time for our friends to head to the airport…it was sweet watching our boys playing on the floor one last time (for this visit)

Buddies chillin on the floor...

And after the dust settled, James relaxed on his lamb blanket, looking adorable as always.

So grateful to have this little lamb to hold up my tired head...

It was a great weekend.  We feel so totally blessed.

[I miss Ben, Amy & David just writing this post, but that is the best thing about true friendship…it endures time and distance and life-is-what-happens-when-you-make-other-plans.  Thanks so much guys for going to the expense, and exhaustion, and taking the time to come share a perfect weekend with us.  We’ll see you in Dayton before you know it!]

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Weekend

  1. Mom February 26, 2011 / 6:43 am

    WOW! Some post — were you up all night, Momma? It was a wonderful weekend and James’ party was a tribute to you and Chris and the warm friendships you have made in Houston and at your church. He’s a lucky little boy — and a HONEY !! (Grandmas are allowed to say things like that)! 😉

  2. Common Loon February 26, 2011 / 12:46 pm

    Of course he was OK with the water-board! To have pictures in a gown and in tears at his own party, well, that would just be too much! 🙂

    Sounds like an awesome time. Some great photos and I love the narrative. A post like this is worth the wait between posts!!!! Enjoy him!

  3. Shannon March 2, 2011 / 8:23 pm

    Awwww!!! I adore that last picture. Those are the best.

    He’s so cute. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration.

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