This Post is Not About Anything

But, on the flip side, it’s also not about nothing. It’s just a handful of random tidbits, because that’s what I’ve got at the moment. No through-line… just stuff.

» It’s just past halfway through the month, and I can now say with some assurance that February is kicking my ass. I am not the only person I know who feels this way; based on an entirely unscientific sample of real-life conversations and Facebook commentary, every day this month appears to be lasting a week for more than a few of us. Therefore, I’d like to request that whomever is messing with the time-space continuum please stop. One day, 24 hours. That is all. (Oh, and if I could actually sleep during eight consecutive ones, that would be super. Thanks.)

Here comes the Zamboni!
Here comes the Zamboni!

» I went ice skating with my nephews over the weekend for the first time since… well, this. What a difference a little over a year has made! D remembers the incident only as “that time I made you fall down” and he now races around the ice solo, though always keeping a cautious eye out for one of his grownups. On the other hand, little brother G is absolutely fearless. I have not a moment of doubt – having seen it nearly occur – that he’d happily be out on the ice totally without adults, despite the fact that he can barely stand. He also appears to be entirely unconcerned by pain, because he fell down about a thousand times and just got back up over and over and over again. The kid’s gonna be awesome, I tell you.

» I watched the Grammy Awards on Sunday, and discovered that, for the first time probably since I was in high school, I own – and like – four of the five records nominated for Album of the Year. (And by “records” I mean collection of digital stuff that comprise MP3 files. I have no actual physical object for any of them.) On Monday, I decided to download the one I didn’t have, Eminem’s “Recovery,” and I have to say… it was a surprise. Not musically, however – in that regard it was quite enjoyable, as I expected. No, what I found out is that it turns out I do have a threshold for profanity – and that Eminem’s lyrics are on the other side of it.

» On a happier Grammy-related note, the show introduced me to a band called Mumford and Sons that, in less than 48 hours, I have become completely addicted to. It’s this kinda rock-y bluegrass, and it’s totally blowing my mind.

» In other addiction-related notes, I am also fairly obsessed by Angry Birds. If someone suggests you should download this game for your iPhone, don’t.

» In light of the Caps current struggles, I am considering taking a step back… not from the team, but from the fan blogosphere. I already steer right clear of comment threads on posts (not just in the hockey world; I find blog comments to be not-quite-but-almost universally a one-way ticket to crazytown) but the venom is starting to creep above the fold. Don’t get me wrong, there are problems on the ice, but spilling tens of thousands of pixels on angry rants seems like the least enjoyable way possible to be a fan. Obviously, this isn’t true for everyone – or such things would not be written, right? – but very definitely is for me. So, until my beloved Capitals remember that they’re a really damn talented team, I may just stick to Twitter and blogs that post fun stuff – like silly Valentines Day card contests.

» My friend Wendy has started a podcast to go along with her blog. It’s about food/cooking/entertainment, and is the perfect intersection of her voluminous kitchen knowledge and background working in radio. (Translation: she knows her stuff and produces a very professional-sounding product.) The first episode – an interview with her next-door neighbor who just happens to be a chef – went live last week. I enjoyed it immensely, and not just because I wish Chef Mark was my next-door neighbor. (Though I do. I’ve met him in real life and he totally rocks.)

5 thoughts on “This Post is Not About Anything

  1. Chris Otto February 15, 2011 / 10:34 pm

    Mark me down as one who is getting wiped out this month. It’s Tuesday and I already am done with this week.

    Thanks for Arcade Fire!

    • Sarah February 15, 2011 / 10:37 pm

      Are you loving Arcade Fire? I really thought you would. Give Mumford & Sons a listen, too… Seriously good stuff. I’ve listened to the album six times in two days.

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