Skating, Pie-ing, and Drying

I meant to do this yesterday, but forgot. Fortunately, though, there’s never a wrong time to look back at three beautiful things from the past week.

1. Ever since the debacle with my nephew in 2009, I’ve been kind of afraid to go ice skating. I recently became aware, however, that the Kettler Capitals Iceplex (scene of said debacle) offers adult learn-to-skate lessons. I decided to give them a try and had my first session last Sunday. I was neither the best nor the worst in my class, which made me pretty happy.

2. I had the kind of day at work on Thursday that put me in the mood I call “stabby” and I was planning to console myself with a dinner consisting entirely of beer and chocolates. I was saved from my wallowing by a well-timed call from sprite, inviting me to join her and Rudi at the pie restaurant over on H Street. Even though I was afraid I’d be a pill to be around, I went anyway, and their good moods (and two pieces of pie!) cheered me up greatly.

3. Ever since it was installed the week before Christmas, the new-to-me washer/dryer in my apartment hasn’t worked. The needed parts finally arrived, and I finally am back to having laundry at home – with the added bonus that the dryer on this machine actually dries, unlike the old one. I celebrated by doing lots and lots of laundry.

(Note: this was thumb-typed on my way to dinner. I’ll spell-check and add links – like to the skating story – when I get home tonight. Apologies for the inconvenience – and the typos.)

Links – finally – added on 1/19/10.

One thought on “Skating, Pie-ing, and Drying

  1. Common Loon January 16, 2011 / 8:43 pm

    1. Gorilla tape!!! DH has re-attached the (cracked but useable) side-view mirror onto the van. The loss of said mirror was not a beautiful thing so I just want to express my great happiness that the gorilla tape is doing such a super-great job (bonus: it coordinates / blends in with the existing structure).
    2. Oldest played “D” in today’s away hockey game, and did some aggressive backwards skating, denying goals for the home team. 10 weeks ago he couldn’t skate backwards at all. Same game, child got flipped H.A.R.D. – a complete flip and really smacked the ice. The crowd gulped. The beautiful part was how quickly he got up, shook it off, and continued to play. On the other hand, I did not resume breathing until his shift was over.
    3. Watching a 6-year-old eat a chocolate cupcake with bright blue frosting. He was COATED in blue and brown, from his blond forehead to his light gray ski jacket. He so enjoyed the experience!!! And since he wasn’t mine (although he was mine to clean up…no amount of scrub was going to return his face to it’s natural color, though, and he will likely still be blue tomorrow), I caught myself laughing and enjoying the experience, too. Glad I won’t be doing his laundry!

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