10 on Tuesday: Things I Wouldn’t Want to Live Without

Today’s 10 on Tuesday topic is a fun one – things I wouldn’t want to live without. I took this to mean things that are not essential to maintaining life, but to enhancing it. (Note: this topic was sent with a specific caveat: “Please note I do not consider people to be things.” So, if you are family or friends, know that you’re not being slighted.)

1. Coffee. This is no surprise to anyone who knows me. I need it like a car needs gasoline. So maybe it is an essential?

2. My iPhone. Again, not a shocker. I feel like I’ve left a critical part of my brain behind when I don’t have it.

3. Glasses/Contacts. What can I say? I like to see. Though given that getting LASIK is on my to-do list for 2011, maybe this will come off the list.

4. The Internet. It keeps me connected to far-away family and friends, it keeps me amused, and – not insignificantly – it keeps me employed.

5. DVR. I’ve only had one since May, and I am amazed at how quickly it’s become an essential piece of technology in my home. Television without commercials? Replaying when I miss something? Choosing shows to record from my phone? Win. Win. Win.

6. Fast-food salad joints. Were it not for Chopt and Sweetgreen, I’d never eat anything healthy for lunch. Their prices are kind of ridiculous, but I’m willing to pay it for things that are delicious and good for me.

7. My red shoes. I love these as much now as I did the day they arrived. Absurdly expensive, to be sure, but they’ve repaid it in happiness.

8. Laundry at home. I spent part of yesterday at the laundromat, since my new-to-me washer/dryer unit arrived with a non-functioning pump, which reminded me how much I prefer being able to do my laundry in my own apartment.

9. Cupcake Bakeries. In a stark contrast to #6 (and to the never-ending chagrin of my friend Wendy) I love cupcake joints. Yes, I could make a whole batch of cupcakes for what I pay for one, but then I’d have a whole batch of cupcakes, which I just don’t need.

10. Hockey. I’ve gone from casual fan to serious addict. I’m even thinking about adding the NHL network to my cable package. I’ll send the invites for the intervention soon.

What about you? What non-essentials make your life better?

5 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Things I Wouldn’t Want to Live Without

  1. Mom January 4, 2011 / 3:59 pm

    10 non-essentials….Hmmmmm…
    1). Clearly, coffee (your Mother’s daughter!)
    2). Appliances in general: washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave. I consider stove & fridge essentials.
    3). G.F. (stove top size) grill
    4). iPhone for sure!
    5). WiFi
    6). Travel (air especially)
    7). Entertainment of all kinds
    8). Great restaurants
    9). Good jobs = financial security
    10). Our FREEDOM — and resources — to have & do all of the above. Lucky are we!!!

  2. Eileen January 4, 2011 / 6:38 pm

    1. Breast pump
    2. Disposable diapers for James
    3. Cran-raspberry light juice
    4. iPhone
    5. Hot showers, the longer the better
    6. Dishwasher
    7. Laundry
    8. Microwave
    9. Activity mat & baby swing
    10. Lily padz & burp cloths

  3. Common Loon January 4, 2011 / 6:59 pm

    Yes, I can and have lived without these, but life’s just not as pleasant without:
    1. “Hollywood” showers, with actual HOT water
    2. As a parent, Miralax
    3. my electric toothbrush
    4. functioning washer & dryer
    5. As a parent, the minivan
    6. Moving Comfort’s “WOW” bra
    7. Birkenstocks / arch support
    8. chocolate
    9. my glasses

  4. Joanne January 4, 2011 / 9:35 pm

    10 things.

    1) maid service
    2) netflix direct to tv
    3) my iPhone
    4) my glasses
    5) my comfy jeans
    6) cupcakeries
    7) my internet access
    8) chocolate
    9) NPR news
    10) my spot on the red couch

  5. Rudi January 5, 2011 / 9:43 am

    Only ten, eh? OK….

    1. Coffee. I go through it so fast, and my friends know it: I now have at least 5 pounds of beans at home, which should last me through… February. Maybe.

    2. My bicycles. I’m a bike commuter by choice. I ride to de-stress. I ride to socialize. Am I addicted? Yes – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    3. My music collection. It’s huge, and (mostly) still in CD format, as I love the artistic expression of quality packaging. And I love music – simply love it, and need it almost as much as my bikes and coffee.

    4. My ski equipment. If I lived closer to real mountains, these would rank higher. Skiing is the most natural thing I can do on my feet, other than walking/running: it’s second-nature, and to me it is an ultimate expression of freedom.

    5. My iPhone. It’s not as high on the list as it is with Sarah, and I’m trying to become less of an “iPhone zombie” when socializing (thus why I’m intrigued and impressed with Windows Phone 7, which is designed around a “get the info you need, ASAP, and put the damn thing away” school of thought), but the wealth of info – and my music – is great to have at hand.

    6. Glasses/contacts. Like Sarah, it’s hard to see things without them. LASIK is not in my immediate future, though.

    7. Mountains. Yes, I’m partial to real mountains, with crags and insane amounts of elevation (e.g. the Wasatch, the Uintas, the Rocky Mountains, the Cascades, the Alps, et al), but I’ll also take the Appalachians. I like the ability to get away from it all by simply going over a ridge, or the satisfaction of scaling a large climb, and oh, the view from the top – can’t beat that!

    8. Snow. Can’t ski without it. Winter is my favorite season, bar none, and snow is the primary reason.

    9. Sandals. My summer footwear of choice. I even have a pair with cycling cleats on them for summer bike riding (of the more recreational/leisure kind, though they would work for all riding other than racing).

    10. My ceramic coffee mug. Bought it in Springdale, Utah, while there for a friend’s wedding. It has an ocean blue base with a “bleeding” red top, holds around 12 ounces of coffee, and fits perfectly in my hand.

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