10 on (Not) Tuesday: Things on My To-Do List

This week’s 10 on Tuesday prompt – 10 things on my to-do list – arrived in a timely manner, much more so than my posting of it. Even though I am days late, I decided to post it anyway, because I feel like making the list public will somehow force some amount of accountability. Most of these things are tasks I’d like to finish by the end of the weekend, but a few are longer-term… but not so long that I want them to carry over to 2011, so wish me luck on getting them done in the next two weeks!

1. Write (and send) my Christmas cards. I actually ordered them early this year, but they’ve been languishing for more than a week now.

2. Send my wish list to my sister-in-law. Jen asked me for a list more than a week ago and I am still trying to figure out what to ask for. I actually did this between when I started this list and now, but it’s late and I couldn’t think of something to replace it with, so it’s still here. My list, incidentally, had a distinctly OMG! I’m freezing! vibe to it – slippers, gloves, etc.

3. Knit my Winter Classic hat. I’ve started (barely) a cute ear-flap hat in Caps colors – or what will be Caps colors when I get the blue yarn to go with the red and white I already have – but I have to be a little less lackadaisical about my knitting to get it done it time.

4. Catch up on my laundry. I’ve been stalling on doing it because the landlord is supposed to be getting me a new washer/dryer – one where the dryer actually works – but I need to do at least a little to tide me over.

5. Bake more Christmas cookies. I made a bunch last weekend, but I’m not sure it’ll be enough to get us through more than a week of family festivities, so I want to do a batch or two more.

6. Wrap Christmas presents. Not as easy as it sounds, because it involves figuring out if there was any wrapping paper left over last year, and if there was, where I might have stashed it. And if there’s not any, then I’ll have to start from scratch.

7. Buy new pants. The big closet purge I did in the spring apparently also included most of my winter-weight work pants, because I seem to have only corduroys left. I can get away with that most days, but I’d rather have a few pairs of lined wool trousers like a real grown-up.

8. Make a CD of my Egypt photos. It’s been 50 weeks since I got back from the trip, and I still haven’t copied my photos to share with my traveling buddy Alison, even though she gave me hers ages ago – and has been periodically reminding me that she’s still waiting.

9. File my MRA receipts. I somehow haven’t managed to submit a single medical expense this year, so this task just keeps getting bigger and more tedious.

10. Organize my photos. I take a ton of photos, but in all the years I’ve had a digital camera, I’ve never found a way to organize/share them that I really like. It’s time to take another crack at it before the backlog gets even further out of hand.

So… what’s on your to-do list?

12 thoughts on “10 on (Not) Tuesday: Things on My To-Do List

  1. Eileen December 18, 2010 / 5:36 am

    1. Get the tree up (guests coming tomorrow)
    2. Bake more cookies
    3. Finish Christmas shopping (harder to do around breastfeeding and naps, none of which are scheduled)
    4. Get to the post office to mail packages
    5. Mail the Christmas letter. I’m like 90 percent done. I just need to seal the envelopes and drop them in the box.
    6. Recaulk

  2. Eileen December 18, 2010 / 5:46 am

    Sometimes I hate the damn iPhone. It’s autocorrect is maddening and happened to be right on top of publish so trying to get it to stop changing recaulk to deca something posted before I was ready. Urgh!

    6. Recaulk the upstairs bath so it’s usable again (although I’m skeptical that that will stop the raining in the downstairs bath)
    7. Get my Christmas ring tone on the phone before say new years
    8. Get more thank you notes out – folks have been so generous but I’m having a hard time keeping up between birth announcements, Christmas letters and thank yous.
    9. James needs a Christmas stocking!
    10. My house needs to get picked up before the cleaning lady gets here in a little over 3 hours. That’s a dismal thought at 4:45 in the morning…but she is doing the bulk of the cleaning so perhaps I’ll shut up!!

    That’s my weekend agenda (though shopping will happen Monday when folks are back at work. It’s hard enough w/James. Forget crowds too!)

  3. Mom December 18, 2010 / 8:04 am

    This may well be a helpful exercise!
    1). Stockings ?? Just the little guys or all?
    2). Bake the party mix
    3). Wrap D’s birthday gift (after getting a new roll of wrap.
    4). Guess that means get to the drug store
    5). Purchase, wrap & deliver a baby gift
    6). Deliver neighbors’ gifts
    7). Should do a desk-full of filing BUT that may have to be “married” to a New Year’s resolution.
    8). Pick up Little Venice order.
    9). Pack the car!!
    10). Then *over the river & through the woods…* — off to the kids’ house doggie & I go!!!

    Let me take this opportunity to wish all my friends in blogland a happy & blessed holiday. Let us not forget the reason for the season. HUGS to all! (I’ll save my family hugs for personal transmittal — can’t wait!!)

  4. Shannon December 18, 2010 / 9:00 am

    1. Finish Christmas shopping. Yes, I’m not done.
    2. Wrap said presents.
    3. Clean house
    4. Clean house
    5. Clean house
    6. Drive to Binghamton to steal Mom’s Little Venice Order
    7. Start new job on Thursday…nothing says Merry Christmas like “Here’s your new job! There is no around to train you for a couple of weeks but enjoy!”
    8. Make it through the marathon that is Christmas Eve…Maggie’s children’s choir at 4pm mass, dinner at SIL’s, MY choir at 9pm mass, wrap presents (because I know they won’t get done earlier) and collapse around midnight.
    9. Get up at 5am on Christmas Day so Maggie can open her presents.
    10. Sleep til New Year’s…I wish!

  5. Eileen December 18, 2010 / 9:59 am

    #s 1&10 done. On to #s 5&4.

  6. Mom December 18, 2010 / 10:39 am

    Chill, girls, it all happens whether we are DONE/READY or not! And, no one notices!!
    @ Shannon — if you do #6, I won’t be able to do #10. Probably won’t be welcome without it 🙂 — sometime just bring yourselves down & we’ll go eat there (my treat!)
    @ Eileen — good for you! Let the cleaning lady pick up the stray needles 🙂
    I’ve actually added to my list above — thanks to whomever invented post-it notes!!! Most notably, was the last hour cleaning my fridge before departure. Some of that stuff sitting there for possibly another 2 weeks, not good! HUGS, Mom

  7. Ragged Thread Cartographer December 18, 2010 / 1:15 pm

    I can’t start a 10-point list because it will run uncontrollably into 237 things-to-do BUT I Am So Glad there is another person on the planet who hasn’t even started writing their cards yet. You’ve cheered me up no end… thank you and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if you prefer. x

  8. Joanne December 19, 2010 / 2:28 am

    1. Mail my cards. (They’re ready to go.)
    2. Bake cookies
    3. Wrap the piles of presents.
    4. Buy the *#$#( SACC teachers giftcards
    5. Figure out if I’m really doing Wigilia for Friday night. (I suspect the answer is no.)
    6. IF the answer is yes, shop for Wigilia.
    7. Clean my kitchen. (Has to happen before #2, so it can happen again AFTER #2.)

  9. susan December 19, 2010 / 8:10 am

    1. Finish shopping.
    2. Wrap gifts.
    3. Figure out what I’m serving Christmas Eve.
    4. Buy food for CE. Prepare said food.
    5. Bake cookies.
    6. Clean.
    7. Make 25 parent gifts….we’re baking. Does that sound like fun? Baking with 25 kids…in a classroom?
    8. Haven’t started the Christmas letter.
    9. Haven’t start the Christmas picture collage.
    10. Happily…can’t think of a number 10, so I’m not as behind as I thought. 🙂

  10. susan December 19, 2010 / 8:12 am

    Oh, wait. 10. Iron. Just looked up to my right and saw the ironing board that has been set up in the family room for a week now. Guess it’s not furniture…

  11. Common Loon December 19, 2010 / 3:44 pm

    Sarah, for your #8, would you consider making a CD of our time in DC with you? I don’t have the winning shot of youngest from the Duck Tour, which is why he got stuck with his school photo on our Christmas card. Also, can only really encourage you on #9. DH just tackled ours, and you will be getting a check (just gonna deliver it in person) as a direct result of his efforts. It did take an entire day, though. But it was a nice HEALTHY number!

    Well, I couldn’t make a list of ten things, but figured I’d try anyways.

    1. Survive the last week of school: youngest goes first, then have to bring youngest to middle’s party the next day (and he’s older so it’s a longer party), then have to bring the two younger to the oldest’s to run a station for 30 children during their last hour of class (one parent thought it would be great to have frosting and snacks?????). During that last party, will likely have to park at least a half mile from the building to walk/skate into said building with supplies and kids in sub-zero weather.
    2. Finish last pair of Christmas PJ pants.
    3. Wrap presents. Very easy this year, as we kept things beyond simple (spent less than $75 on our entire clan…please don’t be offended if you were expecting a gift…we just had to knock some stuff off our plate).
    4. Think about what to cook for our Christmas meal, which I suppose involves a grocery store run.
    5. I should clean the house, but there is so little reward in that as it gets so instantly dirty that I’m not sure I want to knock myself out.

  12. Shannon December 20, 2010 / 11:59 am

    @Mom – I’m lobbying to get SUNY Binghamton as one my campuses for my new job…if I do, you may see me more often than you want to, haha.

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