Sleep, Resettlement & Perfection

Okay. So I wrote this three beautiful things on Sunday on the iPhone and it disappeared, so I’m trying again. Better late than never.

1. James at two weeks old began settling into a marvelous little pattern (that continues to this day) of eating and sleeping. He has his bedtime snack around 10 or 11. Gets up for his mid-night snack between 1 and 2, then wakes up for breakfast between 6 and 7. This allows Mama pretty good sleep.

2. Although George & Gracie have left our home (sniff, sniff) they haven’t gone too far. Chris went out on a limb and asked his parents if they’d be willing to have grand cats for their spacious (mostly enclosed) yard. I’m so relieved to report that so far they have acclimated very well and are loving their new environs. And we’ll get to keep loving on them. A win-win!!

3. The weather here in Houston has been fantastic for a couple of weeks. Sunny, breezy, blue skies. Windows open weather!! Perfect 🙂

Oh and James, in addition to being a good sleeper and eater is p-e-r-f-e-c-t in every single way.

It’s been a beautiful week. How was yours?

One thought on “Sleep, Resettlement & Perfection

  1. Common Loon October 18, 2010 / 10:25 pm

    1. We had weekend guests from the Watoto Children’s Choir (from Uganda). To know what these kids have been through and to see what they are doing is completely humbling!!! We got to no kidding meet some of the most beautiful children in the world (no offense intended). We were blessed.
    2. We got a super-positive note from one of the kids teachers. Really. He got an invite into a program that he / we thought he wouldn’t be able to participate in. He’d been humbled last month, so to see his smile was pretty cool.
    3. I got to wake up to another new day. That in itself has been recast this past week as something for which to be most grateful.

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