Happy Birthday Little Man

Today is Little Man’s 1st birthday. After raising him for nine months it’s hard to not actually be celebrating today with him, feeding him his first cake and trying to figure out how to get frosting out of all that hair!?! But he celebrates today with members of his birth family. A party with his siblings really isn’t a bad way to celebrate 🙂

So today we choose to celebrate those 9 months for the gift they were to us, and to him. Celebrate the giggles and the snuggles he was so free with that filled this house with joy and love.

Mom asked me about pursuing a professional contact the other day. It was like she was speaking in Swahili. I’ve got all the work, and all the reward I need right here in my pjs – and I’ve had it for the last year.

For as much as I love political science, international affairs, and making public policy, I have never been more happy or more fulfilled than I have been being a Mom. I loved being Little Man’s Mama. (I love being James’s Mama too!) My diplomas are pretty and they (continue to) cost a pretty penny but I love the pictures of my boys so much more and I love the memories we’re making.

Little Man was the first to bring this joy into my heart and into our home. He completed me. He made our house our home. He brought Chris and I closer together. He gave me the joy of watching my husband transform into a father.

So today I’m choosing to remember the good times. I’m choosing to celebrate his birth. And on Wednesday the 20th I’ll celebrate his arrival in our lives. And I’ll pray that he is, and always will be, a healthy, happy and thriving boy. Full of giggles and snuggles.

Happy Birthday Little Man!!

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  1. Mom October 15, 2010 / 7:11 am

    [To steal a phrase from a favorite book….] We’ll love you forever, we’ll love you for always because in our hearts you always will be!! God bless you Little Man on YOUR day!! Happy Happy Birthday :). I’m glad to be here with your Mama Eileen & Daddy Chris and baby brother on this joyous day of your birth 🙂

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